How we helped Haggar reach Gen Y and claim the #1 market position in the dress pants market

The Challenge

Haggar Clothing Co. began in a one-room office in Dallas, Texas, in 1926. The company actually coined the term “slacks” in 1938, and it has since grown into one of the most recognized names in men’s apparel.

The trouble was, Haggar had built a name for itself among an older generation, but lacked brand awareness and loyalty when it came to Gen Y and Millennials. It needed to introduce its brand to a younger generation, but without alienating its core of Baby Boomer customers. The Haggar team wanted to build a strong social presence to tell a younger generation their story, and they came to us for help.

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the strategy

We began by creating and launching a social strategy to introduce Haggar and its history to a new generation. We built relationships with retailers, influencers, and media outlets in order to increase the brand’s visibility among its target audience. We provided customer support for Haggar’s new digital platforms by interacting with and responding to customers. We also partnered with both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Hockey Hall of Fame, creating custom content and contests to increase Haggar’s reach among fans of all ages.

the results

The Haggar fan base on Facebook increased from 0 to 40,000 people. Twitter mentions and reach went up 450%, and today, Haggar Clothing Co. commands the #1 market position in men’s dress pants in the United States, as well as the #2 share in men’s casual pants.