How we helped Collin Street Bakery skyrocket email click-through rates by 50%

The Challenge

Collin Street Bakery is a historic, multi-location bakery established in 1896. The bakery has been featured on Food Network and ABC’s The Chew, but its team wanted to gain more visibility and grow their business through digital marketing. They turned to us for help establishing an integrated digital marketing strategy, and we were happy to oblige.

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the strategy

We started by developing a robust social media strategy and launching a popular blog featuring content about food, family, and the holidays in order to drive traffic to the Collin Street Bakery website. We capitalized on PR opportunities that significantly increased brand awareness, and we also developed an influencer strategy to foster valuable partnerships with bloggers and online influencers. As a result, Collin Street Bakery gained a strong online following. We then converted that online following into sales with a custom designed email campaign and newsletter, enticing customers to purchase.

the results

Collin Street Bakery’s email click-through rate shot up by 50%. Its average email open rate jumped up 16%, its Facebook fans grew by 38.2%, and its total revenue increased significantly.