How We Helped A Premier Beverly Hills Surgery Center Triple Their Online Reach

The Challenge

Established in 1995, Beverly Hills Aesthetics (BHA) is one of Beverly Hills’ foremost aesthetic surgery centers, and it features one of the top aesthetic surgeons in the country, Dr. Sam Assassa. Dr. Assassa’s state-of-the-art techniques have made him one of the leading aesthetic specialists focusing on non-invasive cosmetic surgery—from SmartLipo™ and body sculpting to hair removal. But there was a problem. Dr. Assassa could see that the market was becoming saturated, and that the cost of acquiring new leads was steadily increasing. So he turned to us for help.

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the strategy

First, in order to increase leads, we created a comprehensive and high converting website. We then restructured and maintained BHA’s Pay Per Click campaign to increase efficiency and help keep costs manageable. We also turned our focus towards BHA’s content, launching a full scale SEO campaign and creating relevant content to drive qualified traffic. The blog we created for them brought together both serious women’s issues and fun celeb gossip, making it a valuable resource for women in the area.

the results

The new website, combined with the Pay Per Click campaign, SEO utilization, and savvy content strategy, yielded a 200% boost in qualified traffic, which doubled to over 5,000 unique visitors to the site a month. Additionally, Beverly Hills Aesthetics witnessed a 300% increase in traffic coming from social media sources. Most importantly, Dr. Sam Assassa was thrilled to see an additional 110 leads per month and a 108% increase in consultation requests.