Marketing Zen is a full-service, online marketing and digital PR firm dedicated to helping organizations take their businesses to the next level. While we are based in Dallas, Texas, we are a virtual company with a 30-person team around the world, serving clients from New York to the Netherlands. We specialize in services ranging from social media marketing, search marketing, website design and conversion, content marketing, video production, blog design and development, and speaking. Let’s just say when we say full-service we mean it.

As one of Inc. Magazine’s Top Entrepreneurial Companies in the 30 Under 30 rankings, as well as one of the 100 Best Companies in the U.S. to be run by a young entrepreneur (two years in a row), Marketing Zen is home to some serious digital marketing talent.

We are a lean, agile team of specialists, each focused on our area of expertise. If you’ve got what it takes to be a part of our team, send us your resume, along with a sample of your best work. We can’t wait to hear from you.

You can reach us at


We here at Marketing Zen are excited to be looking for a great group of college students to intern with our company! As one of Inc. Magazine’s Top Entrepreneurial Companies in the 30 Under 30 rankings, as well as one of the 100 Best Companies in the U.S. to be run by a young entrepreneur (two years in a row), an internship at Marketing Zen is a great launching platform for any student with an interest in online marketing.

We love our interns, and we value them and their input – and in return, we give them real-life work experiences and hands-on training. So what do our interns do?

Let’s start with what they don’t do:

  • Fetch coffee
  • Make copies
  • Order our lunches
  • Sit, listen and watch
  • Boring tasks we don’t want to do
  • Not learn

Why? Because we believe that when you agree to an internship, you want to gain necessary skills, grow as a person and in your career, put what you’ve learned in school to the test and be a part of a great organization.

What our interns do:

  • Participate in group chats
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Put their incredible writing skills to use
  • Actively engage in conversations
  • Volunteer
  • Research
  • Increase their social engagements
  • Learn about new techniques and tools
  • Learn marketing tactics
  • Learn how campaigns work
  • Learn about different social networks and how they benefit different clients
  • Participate in Hangouts
  • Learn a lot (or a little) about SEO
  • Refine their skills
  • Build their portfolio
  • Design graphics for their work
  • Gain a better understanding for the industry
  • Assist in interviews
  • Make their own path

This is just a sampling of all the awesome things we do with our interns. Our internships are very customizable and no intern experience is the same. Every department has lesson plans, weekly meetings and study guides to assist new interns. As you progress throughout the internship, your responsibilities will increase based on your performance. You want to learn it? We will teach it. We want our interns to learn everything they can, so they are prepared for the real world. If an intern is especially awesome and impressive, we have been known to hire them.

Since we work virtually, interns can work from anywhere in the world and have a degree of flexibility traditional internships do not offer. While it is up to each department to decide what hours work best, we have had interns successfully complete our program while traveling through Israel, Mexico, and Italy!

To find out more about the many internships we offer at Marketing Zen, read some of the intern interviews on our blog, and take a look at the descriptions below.

SEO Department: Community Engagement and Content Writing Internship

Are you a creative, resourceful, error-free writer? Do you think outside of the box? Do you love to blog and research? Do you like connecting with bloggers and communities? Have you ever wondered about SEO? Then you may be a fit for our content writer/community engagement internship. Our interns work closely under the supervision of the Search Marketing Department, and tasks will include everything from content composition, infographics, industry research, to digital relationship building. Best part? It’s virtual!

Although we do prefer previous internship experience or academic experiences in journalism, marketing, editing, and creative writing, it’s not required. If you crave a creative, challenging work environment and know you can bring dependable work ethic and a collaborative personality to the MZ family, show us what you’ve got! Send a resume and two writing samples to

Social Media Department: Social Media Marketing Internship

Is social media your life? Do you physically cringe when a business has a Facebook profile instead of a page? You just might be the person we’re looking for! We’re hiring a social media marketing intern for Marketing Zen. This person will be responsible for researching, creating, implementing, and measuring engaging social media strategies to meet the objectives of each of our very, very different clients. You’ll work closely with the social media lead, account supervisors, clients, and all other branches of the company.

Applicants should be working towards a degree (or have a degree) in marketing, communications, journalism or a related field. They must also be able to work virtually. To apply, send us a resume and cover letter as one document to The cover letter should address your specific interest in this position, as well as outline your skills relevant to the social media marketing intern position.

Administrative Department: Digital Marketing Internship

Imagine an internship that allows you to gain the knowledge and experience needed to land the job of your dreams. We’re not talking about fetching coffee or running dry cleaning errands. We are talking about some serious digital marketing experience. If you are reliable, self-motivated and eager to learn, a position in digital marketing may be right for you.

You will be assisting in managing projects and campaigns and gain exposure to how online marketing works across diverse industries. You will get hands on experience with real world projects and learn how to help clients reach their digital marketing goals. You will gain both knowledge and experience in this fast paced, ever-evolving industry.

To qualify, you must be able to demonstrate administrative skills, strong analytical skills, be detail oriented and organized. If you are still pursuing your collegiate degree, we accept inquiries from those at the sophomore level or higher. Please submit resume and cover letter to

Content Department: Content Marketing Internship

Do you love to write? Does it make you cringe when you see someone slaughter a sentence using poor grammar? Do you have a knack for research?  Then you might just be a perfect fit as one of our virtual content marketing interns! In this role, you will help to produce content for a diverse group of clients and assist with developing blog posts, webpage content, email newsletters and more. You’ll also work closely with the SEO and SMM teams to coordinate these efforts and learn the important role each element plays in our marketing strategy.

To qualify, you must have or be working towards a degree in journalism, English, communications or marketing, have excellent writing and research skills, have experience writing various types of copy, be deadline driven and have the ability to produce quality content quickly. If you believe that you are the right fit for this internship, PITCH us on why we should hire you. Send an email to with your resume and two relevant writing samples, along with a brief description of why you believe you are a good fit for this position.