Business Week Article: Questions to Ask Before You Start a Business

Who does a 33 year old man from Zambia turn to when looking for entrepreneurship advice? In this case, to Business Week columnist, Karen Klein. I was honored to have my two-bit included in the article:

“Separating Yourself From the Pack

When it comes to your business itself, make sure you have differentiated your products or services from others already on the market. Getting customers to try something new or work with a new vendor is tougher than it sounds; we’re all creatures of habit. “Make sure you know and can demonstrate a significant differentiator to separate yourself from the pack for your startup to succeed,” says Shama Kabani, president of Marketing Zen Group in Dallas and author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Keep your external costs low, she says, and forget about fancy offices or full-color marketing materials to start. “Invest in training for yourself and hiring good people who can bring a lot to your clients and get the job done,” Kabani says.

Finally, give yourself a deadline to succeed at entrepreneurship. If it’s not for you, cut your losses earlier rather than later. Be willing to let go of a bad idea go so a good idea can take its place, Kabani says. “Being an entrepreneur means you will have lots of ideas,” she says. “Don’t get stuck or proud if it is clear the fantasy about something is better than the reality. Listen to your marketplace, and be willing to try something different.” Good Luck.”

You can read the rest of the article on small business advice here.

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