Published on 5th Nov, 2007 in Online Marketing

BlogWorld Expo- Your Advice Needed Please!

As many of your have probably noticed, a beautiful BlogWorld expo logo has been sitting pretty on the right sidebar for weeks now and I am thrilled about heading to Las Vegas this Wednesday. I have a full roster of sessions that I will be attending from Wednesday to Friday. This means a lot of information! In total, I will be attending about 15 sessions-not including key note speeches. And, of course I want to communicate all this information to you guys.

Here is where I need your advice! How would you like me to present this information to you? Here are some options I was considering:

a) Do video posts! It would be faster for you and more dynamic.  I may be able to cover more material. The downside is that I have never done a video post before and hence I am a little nervous.

b) Just blog in my usual way. A post per day-conveying all the nuggets of wisdom I collect.

c) A report on the BlogWorld expo at the end of the entire event. This would probably be in PDF form and be distributed through the blog. I would report back everything I learned during the expo.

Which would you prefer? Please leave me a comment below and let me know. In the most cliched sense of the phrase- Help me help you.


If you are going to be attending the BlogWorld Expo this week, please drop me a line. I would love to meet in person!