BlogWorld Expo- Insider Scoop-Day 3

The final day was filled with more great sessions and…lots of free t-shirts.

Here are the major takeaways!

The Cult of Blogging by Leo Laporte

  • It is important to create a community that follows you before you ever think of monetizing your blog.
    • Monetization (making money from blogs) doesn’t work for everyone-and it not recommended for business bloggers.
  • Important to create a persona and then build your platform around that persona. For example, if you are a teen and parents relation coach-a myspace page would work for you. Linked in maybe more your style if you are a business consultant.
  • Not everyone will like what you do, and that’s okay-
    • Kill them with kindness
    • If that doesn’t work-ignore them
  • Watch what you post! What you post stays out there…for a long time. Be sure you don’t disclose any personal details that you don’t want everyone seeing.


Creating a Coherent Social Media Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang and Chris Brogan

  • Set up google alerts around your brand, around your name, around your site…
  • Jeremiah uses the Dove campaign as an example of a company that has integrated their campaign across many mediums and embraced social media.
  • Being helpful is an excellent marketing strategy.
  • When thinking in terms of social media, ask-where are my clients and what do they want? Where do they hang out?


What Web 10.0 Might Look Like by Tom Frey

  • WiMax-Wifi on Steroids.
  • The future is HYPERLOCAL-you never lose touch with anyone and you are never out of options. You are always "linked in."
  • Keyboards will be replaced by more display oriented technology
  • Your computer will have a personality-not just an interface. It will interact with you.
  • The biggest change will be in education
    • Free courses to all those who want to learn.
    • Teaching requires experts, and as it gets harder to train experts, we will see more computer leveraged teaching.
  • One Person Empires
    • Outsource everything within the company.
    • Very appealing to people leaving the corporate world.
    • 45 million people around the world currently work part-time or full-time at home.
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