Black Hat or White Hat SEO: Which One Are You?

At its most basic level, every aspect of online marketing is about providing value for consumers. Websites need to be user-friendly and findable. Content needs to be truly useful and accessible. Social media needs to create connections and communities. Online marketing centers around the needs and wants of the consumer – it has to, in order to be effective. The debate over Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO tactics boils down to the same issue: Which SEO tactics make for a great user experience, and which are used for the sole purpose of getting traffic? We here at Marketing Zen have created an infographic to demonstrate the differences, and illustrate the importance of making it all about the consumer. Once you’ve read it through, we’d love to hear about your own black hat vs. white hat SEO findings, in the comments section below.

White Hat SEO

Please feel free to post this infographic on your site. Click on the code below to copy and paste it to your site.

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  1. White hat, although it’s frustrating that we see plenty of our competitors still successfully using black hat (content duplication, fake comments and forum topics, backlink farms, etc.) strategies successfully.

  2. I have an online business in an extremely competitive market. Recently, we’ve gotten news that one of our competitors are using blackhat SEO on us to bring down our rankings so we are turning around and doing the same to all of them while creating our own network of good links and relevant websites. so i guess i can say i use both strategies on the regular.

    • As Google’s recent scuffle with RapGenius shows us, it’s always best to stick to White Hat SEO practices, even if competitors are getting away with it… for now. It may be a short term gain – but it comes with a terrible long term price to pay.

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