Automation, Keywords, and Rankings! Oh, my!


Transcription of “Automation, Keywords, and Rankings! Oh, My!”:

Shama: One of the things I know is, there are a lot of companies out there and a lot of folks, I know you’re totally against this is, automated SEO.

Idan: Right.

Shama: Where there is a software, and there is a place and time where you can use software to assist with your efforts, but there’s things out there that people will say, it’s a software, you set it up and it will optimize the website for you. What are your thoughts on that? Is that legit?

Idan: One of the things that Google absolutely told us every time is they’re not looking for something that another website can do. We don’t want the same thing on our search engine result page, with the same content, with the same title, with same METAS, same review.

Shama: Duplicates are a big no-no for Google.

Idan: Right. You want to see a variety of results of information people can actually relate to. When you use a search engine, you’re gathering information and every website should be different with the same relevant information. It’s very important, yes.

Shama: All right, so when people use the software, what essentially it is doing is the same thing for all these sites.

Idan: Right. There’s nothing propriety about it. There’s nothing unique about it.

Shama: That can hurt you.

Idan: Yes. When you’re optimizing a page, you’re looking at keywords. Search engines are driven by keywords and content. You’re optimizing the page for specific keywords. The beautiful thing about search engine optimization is that you can optimize for a lot more than just a couple of keywords. You have a lot more keywords to consider.

Shama: I love that. I know there are two schools of thought and I know you’re a fan of one. The old school thought is always rankings matter. It’s where give us ten keywords you want to get ranked for and I know that does not totally rock your boat. But then you also look at the other school of thought which is it’s not ranking so much but the quality of traffic. So tell me, what’s the distinction, why do rankings not, do rankings matter as much anymore? What’s changed?

Idan: The problem with concentrating only on your ten primary keywords was that you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. There are tons of other keywords that you can concentrate on. Some of the high volume keywords are actually really harder to get rankings for, so people decide to just concentrate on the long tail.

Shama: That’s what you call the long tail right. So rather than if someone, we’re talking about soccer balls, so if you can’t rank for soccer balls, you might rank for soccer balls made out of durable materials.

Idan: Right or the actual brand or something like that. Definitely, definitely, that’s what happens.

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