Author Matthew McFarlane

  • How To Successfully Market Music Online

    Today we’re excited to have the opportunity to share a blog post written by one of Marketing Zen’s content marketing interns, Matthew McFarlane. Matthew is an English major at the University of Missouri – Columbia. In this article, he gives musicians insight into how they can increase their fan base through online marketing.   With the advent of the Internet and the current ability of its users to share music, legally or illegally, the way artists and bands market their music has changed dramatically. The ability of an artist to expand their listening base and find more fans across the country, and even the world, has increased exponentially, but the way those fans consume their music has changed as well. Without using the Internet to their advantage, an up-and-coming artist can be hurt by its disadvantages, namely piracy. Let’s take a look at some of the more creative ways a band or recording artist can make use of online marketing. Social Media Using social media to connect with fans is a must. There is no easier way to expand your fan base and keep them updated as to what you are doing. Someone who hears your biggest song might use Shazam to…

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  • MZ Goes Back To College: Marketing Insights from Professor Joe Guilliams

    In today’s rapidly changing world, continuing education is a necessity. No matter what industry a person or a business is immersed in, new technology and new trends require continuous updates to training. But nowhere is the rapid pace of development more evident than in the world of online marketing. One important means of keeping abreast of the latest in online marketing is to tap into the wisdom of experts – reading blogs, watching videos, attending webinars. And here at Marketing Zen, we do all of those things regularly in our effort to be the best. But we’re also taking it a step further. MZ is going back to college – and we’re taking you, our lucky readers, with us! In our latest blog series, we’ll be interviewing some of the most distinguished minds in the country – university professors who have dedicated themselves to the ongoing study of marketing. These thinkers will be able to give us – and you – unique perspective and insight into the world of online marketing. We’re excited to be back in class!   Today’s interview features Professor Joe Guilliams, Professor of Marketing at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Professor Guilliams has been the recipient of…

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