Ask Shama: Pondering the Podcast

Audio and video podcasts aren’t ideal when it comes to SEO. But marketing pro Shama Kabani says they’re still great tools to add to your communications arsenal.

Editor’s note: The marriage of technology and communication has been a boon to savvy entrepreneurs, but it’s also a huge challenge for those who aren’t sure how to navigate social networks. To help, Dallas-based entrepreneur and tech expert Shama Kabani is answering your questions. Email her at, or check out more of her advice at her online marketing company or on video.

Dear Shama,

I just read your book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, and I found it incredibly helpful—particularly insightful was your section on video podcasting. I wonder if audio podcasting is as effective in increasing the site’s ranking in Google as video podcasting. Do you have any thoughts?

—Emily B., Herndon, Virginia

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