Ask Shama: How Can I Reach My Facebook Fans?

Getting “likes” is important—and not just for your ego. Image: owenwbrown on Flickr

Now that creators of fan pages cannot message their fans directly, how are you supposed to use Facebook to reach them?

Editor’s note: The marriage of technology and communication has been a boon to savvy entrepreneurs. But it’s also a huge challenge for those who aren’t sure how to navigate through social networks. To help, Dallas-based marketing professional Shama Kabani is answering your questions. Email her at or check out more of her advice at her site or on video.

Dear Shama,

I created a Facebook page for my company, and I am about to start promoting it to my friends and clients. I got a message from Facebook saying that, as of the end of September, I would no longer be able to send messages to fans. Instead, the message suggested I post content to my wall or buy Facebook ads.

My first question is: How do my wall posts appear on other people statuses? In your personal Facebook page, your wall posts appear on your friends’ statuses, but how do you collect friends or fans for your business page that you can message/reach as a group? If someone “likes” the page, does he/she automatically become a member/fan?

Second part of the question—how does the number of “likes” help you? Obviously, you want to get a lot of “likes,” but what are the real benefits besides an ego boost?

Thanks again for your help and advice!

—Viktoria R., Entrepreneur

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