Ask Shama: Do I Need Multiple Twitter Accounts?

If you have more than one business, do you need Twitter accounts to match? Our marketing expert Shama Kabani has the answer.

Editor’s note: The marriage of technology and communication has been a boon to savvy entrepreneurs. But it’s also a huge challenge for those who aren’t sure how to navigate social networks. To help, Dallas-based entrepreneur and tech expert Shama Kabani is answering your questions. Email her at, or check out more of her advice at her online marketing company or on video.

Dear Shama,

I’m a serial entrepreneur. I have businesses and websites in a variety of areas that are nonrelated (i.e., gravestones, retirement planning and asset management, online retail coupons, etc). The thing that I’m confused about is Twitter. If I use my personal Twitter account for a few different business, won’t that be confusing to my followers? If one follower knows me as “the gravestone guy,” and another one knows me as “the retirement planning guy,” and a third one knows me as “the coupon guy,” wont that be confusing for my followers? I’m of the opinion that if the Twitter world sees me doing five different things that I will probably lose credibility. What do you recommend?

—Rick Q., serial entrepreneur

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One Comment
  1. Dear Shama,

    Thank you very much for the possibility of emailing you.

    I work for the legal company and we have two different types of audiences (customers). Therefore, we are considering to have two separate Twitter accounts?

    I am wondering if this is a good idea or there are some potential threats that I am not considering?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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