Articles About Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

The wonderful thing about a blog is that you can compile all your thoughts in one place. The downside is that key articles sometimes get buried after a while. I decided to do a round-up of our most read articles on social media. So, here are the most popular articles I’ve written about using social media as a marketing tool:

10 Reasons NOT to do Social Media Marketing – For all the wonderful reasons there are to do social media marketing, there are also reasons not to partake. This post lists the top 10 reasons to not participate just yet.

So, you want to be a Social Media Marketing expert?Let’s face it, it is a hot industry. While some may scoff at the many newcomers to the field, I wanted to point out that for those genuinely interested, there are resources out there.

3 Reasons you shouldn’t use Social Media Marketing – Partaking in social media marketing without a strategy or plan in place can cause more harm than good.

10 Steps to creating a Social Media Policy for your CompanyIf your company is partaking in social media marketing, you should have a policy that provides some guidelines on usage.

Using Social Media Outlets for Marketing How social media can be utilized for different purposes.

101 Ways to Rock and Be Rocked by Twitter – One of our most popular articles on Twitter. It provides 101 ideas on how to use Twitter.

How to Navigate the Facebook Design – Facebook just changed their design. Where did that go? Find out. = )

Top 7 Facebook Hacks for BusinessFun applications that help you leverage Facebook for business.

Top 10 Ways to Use Facebook for Business – The most popular article ever on Facebook marketing. This one may have more comments than any other on the blog!

10 Things to do after a Networking Event – This combines social media and offline marketing. How can you use social media tools to stay in touch with people after an offline event? Read and find out. = )

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