Apple-Google Yourself!

My colleague, Stefan Töpfer, at the Small Business Blog, has been having a tremendously hellish experience with Apple customer service. He doesn’t have the laptop he ordered, but has already been charged the full amount. Instead of the laptop, he received a disk in the mail. Apparently-Apple cannot tell the difference nor do they care to correct it. Why else would they not return his calls and insist that he received the laptop?

Bad Customer Service-

Customer-Hi, I didn’t receive the product promised, but I was charged for it.

Apple Company- Sure you did!

Customer- No…I really didn’t….

Apple Company- Sure you did!

Customer- I can assure you I didn’t. I have been an Apple buyer for a long time. Check your computer for my old orders.

Apple Company- If you didn’t receive the laptop-PROVE it! We demand proof!

 Customer- ????? 

Come on Apple-this guy is a blogger who reaches thousands of people who value his opinion. He ALSO has been a "valuable" customer-not that you are making him feel like it. 

Here are the 3 lessons all companies can take from this- 1) Be NICE to your customers (i.e.-don’t call them liars or charge them for products they didn’t receive). 2) Google yourself once in a while to see what people are saying about you and your business. 3) If you mess up-fess up and make it right.


If you are reading this and work for Apple-please forward it along. You will be doing your company a favor.

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  1. Apple gives laptop to delivery service. Said service says it delivered laptop to customer. Customer says no. Who should Apple believe?

    Did it happen differently?

  2. Hi Steve-

    Good point. Apple should first ask the delivery service before accusing the customer of being a liar. I ordered a battery from t-mobile once that I never received. They said UPS told them it was delivered but they would look into it. And they did-turned out UPS delivered to the wrong address. It happens-but companies have to own up to it and do everything in their power to fix it. Zappos, for example, is a great example of a customer-driven company.

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