Published on 30th Sep, 2008 in Online Marketing

Amazing BOA Steakhouse – Las Vegas

By: Shama Hyder

This isn’t a restaurant review blog. But when a restaurant manages to combine my 2 two loves (food and marketing), I have to mention them.

I was in Las Vegas last week for Blog World, when we decided to go celebrate with an extraordinary dinner. I LOVE the food in Vegas, and Boa Steakhouse (on top of Ceasar’s Palace) has been a favorite since I dined there last year.

This time (our 2nd trip), we let them know we were celebrating a special occasion and would appreciate a table outside. (The view is BREATHTAKING!)

We were promptly seated outside, and the waiter bought out an appetizer and glasses of champagne on the house. Since I don’t drink, we nixed the champage but devoured the potato fingers (?). Now, I was beginning to feel like royalty! They didn’t even know I was a blogger ; ).

We continued to order kobe steak and lobster tails as our entree. Did I mention I LOVE the food here?

A delicious chocolate cake (with a REAL firecracker on top!) later, the waiter came back out and very nonchalantly let us know that “the meal was on the house, and to enjoy our special occasion.”

Ummm…WHAT? I don’t ever mind spending a pretty penny on good cuisine, but this was a 200 + meal – all on the house. We weren’t regulars. They didn’t know I was a blogger.

We were just customers who were treated like royalty. And are now spreading the word…What a concept, eh? ; )