Amazing BOA Steakhouse – Las Vegas

By: Shama Hyder

This isn’t a restaurant review blog. But when a restaurant manages to combine my 2 two loves (food and marketing), I have to mention them.

I was in Las Vegas last week for Blog World, when we decided to go celebrate with an extraordinary dinner. I LOVE the food in Vegas, and Boa Steakhouse (on top of Ceasar’s Palace) has been a favorite since I dined there last year.

This time (our 2nd trip), we let them know we were celebrating a special occasion and would appreciate a table outside. (The view is BREATHTAKING!)

We were promptly seated outside, and the waiter bought out an appetizer and glasses of champagne on the house. Since I don’t drink, we nixed the champage but devoured the potato fingers (?). Now, I was beginning to feel like royalty! They didn’t even know I was a blogger ; ).

We continued to order kobe steak and lobster tails as our entree. Did I mention I LOVE the food here?

A delicious chocolate cake (with a REAL firecracker on top!) later, the waiter came back out and very nonchalantly let us know that “the meal was on the house, and to enjoy our special occasion.”

Ummm…WHAT? I don’t ever mind spending a pretty penny on good cuisine, but this was a 200 + meal – all on the house. We weren’t regulars. They didn’t know I was a blogger.

We were just customers who were treated like royalty. And are now spreading the word…What a concept, eh? ; )

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  • egruve

    The next time I visit LV,I will make a point to visit this Steakhouse.

  • Deontée Gordon

    WHAT!? All of that on the house. Man, I am sooo jealous right now. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Thanks for blogging about this. I’m definitely about to add that steakhouse to my list of restaurants to dine at in Vegas. Oh, and please don’t tell me you order your steak well done. That’s bovine blasphemy. LOL!