Aloha Social Media Summit of the Year

October 6 & 7, 2008, in Boulder, Colorado

A World-Class Mastermind Event!

Hosted by Andy Beal and Dave Taylor

Expert Participants:
• Om Malik, CEO of GigaOM,
• Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter
• Peter Shankman, founder of Help a Reporter Online
• Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media
• Charlene Li, co-author of Groundswell
• Roxanne Darling, videographer, host, Beachwalks With Rox

This event is an “un-conference”. There won’t be any lengthy speeches or power point presentations that might not even be relevant for you. Instead you will get one on one time with all the experts (including the hosts). They’ll look at your business model, hear your challenges and offer help, ideas and contacts that will get your business to the next level. You will be part of the conversation.

All of our participants have a profound understanding of social media and will be able to identify what you should be focusing on right now. Getting social media right is not an easy task: getting a head start by talking to the leading experts in the field is the smart way to leapfrog your competition.

Seating is limited to 25 because we want to ensure you get the expert time that you need with our experts, who are flying from across the country to be here in Colorado with you.

Two days with eight of the true gurus of social networking, blogging, new media and entrepreneurial business, along with special guest teachers and consultants dropping by, for quite a bit less than the cost of consulting with either Dave or Andy for a single day.

Learn more – and sign up while there’s still space – at

Questions? Contact Dave Taylor at 303 819-0194 or

Use the code “Shama” for a $250.00 discount!

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  • Roxanne Darling

    Hi Shama – thanks for telling people about this event! These intimate gatherings are quite amazing for the amount of ideas (and actions) that get generated. I am really looking forward to it.

  • Shama

    Hi Roxanne,

    No problem. I just found out I am speaking there as well. : )

  • Lisa Nirell

    HI Shama,

    Will you be sharing your lessons learned from this conference? Would love to hear.

    I dedicated a chapter in my new book to the social media topic. Very excited to hear your predictions on how social media landscape will look in 2-5 years.

    Warm wishes,