After The Launch is now Click To Client: A Story in Business Evolution

By: Shama Hyder

Surprise! After The Launch is now Click To Client. This is the IDEAL case study in business evolution. For anyone who has ever struggled for perfection and found it in the process of just doing the best they can-this will resonate.

Over a year ago, I launched After The Launch as a single business owner. It was called After The Launch because I wanted to reach those people who had just launched their business and needed help marketing online…after the launch. You’re getting the picture here! = )

Flash forward to now– we are a FULL service online marketing firm (with full time employees!) serving well established offline businesses who want to get online, as well as new business owners who want to launch their first company online. In fact, all our clients are in a different phase of their business. What we do for all of them though is the same. We show them how to get clicks (online marketing training), we get clicks for them (SEO), and we show them how to turn those clicks into clients. Hence, Click To Client. Full service web marketing firm.

What changes? Well, our name, our brand, our look.

What doesn’t change? Our commitment to helping businesses leverage the internet for more profit, our content quality on this blog (well, it may get better!), our dedication to being a valuable company.

So, what do you think?

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  1. Hi Shama,

    Well, All I can say, Click TO Client makes more sense to me & with just a name I am able to get the message that its all about getting the clients online. Great Initiative Shama & congratulations for achieving tremendous success in the span of just one year. Good Luck :)


  2. Hi Shama,

    Well, in honesty, I never liked the “after the launch” brand name but I do like Click to Client. I follow many thought leaders and what I do like about your approach is best summed up by a 14th century Franciscan Monk who said: “all other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best”. You have a great ability to render complex data, issues, processes and show how to develop simple solutions. I don’t mean to say your solutions are not robust or valid, just easier to understand and to implement,especially for those who are not early adopters. Good Luck!! -mark

  3. Congrats. Change has come!

  4. Shama,

    Excellent! Click to Client CLEARLY implies what you do. Bravo!

  5. Congrats! Everything looks fantastic and you are off to a great start. Keep up the good work.

  6. Shama! Love the new name and I think it more accuratey reflects your passion! So proud of your accomplishents!


  7. I’m not comfortable with how close this is to my IP

  8. Well you know what they say, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. I’ll be continuing to read your newsletters and follow your progress. If I ever manage to get a marketing budget, I’ll hire you to give me a much needed boost.

    Best of luck!

  9. Shama,

    Well done – I love the new site, great name too.
    Looking forward to working with you on some more projects in the future.

    Good luck and all the best, Stefan

  10. Shama,
    I’m sorry to say I don’t like to voice message. It’s read as though you’re speaking but its someone else. It de-personalizes your effort. There is a typo and the voice reads the typo instead of OUR (the text says out and he reads the work as written – out).
    As far as the new name; great. Click to Client is really what you’re all about so it is absolutely appropriate. I like it. And I also like the website. Not too busy and provides great info.
    Good job.

  11. Hey Shama
    The site *looks* very “clean-cut,” and is a really great new start. Congratulations! Its design is well-thought out, so you deserve to do really well. However, I was a bit disappointed when I clicked the “listen now” button. I really thought I was going to hear you, Shama, telling me all about your site. Instead, I found myself listening to a “bot,” reading me all the words on the front page (that I had read already.) Why don’t you change that “listen now” button to read something like: “let me read all the words on this page to you…” (It would be less of a surprise. Also, IMHO, I think that it is in too prominent a place to be doing what it does.)
    Warm wishes,

  12. Shama,
    Way to model for the rest of us. The message I get from this is “Don’t be afraid to evolve.” I invite anyone who feels held back by their brand identity to look to your example and hire you to take their next step. Congratulations and well done!

  13. Congrats! I love it. Very nice name and great design. I think this was a very good idea to do.

  14. @Mark, Pam, Amish, Donna, Greg, Jay, Matt, MJ, Steve, Jim: Thank you all so much. Your kind wishes have touched my heart. I really appreciate the nice words.

    @MJ and Steve – The listen now is done through a free word press plugin called Odiogo. I am not a huge fan of the “robot” voice, but it just gives you guys one more option. That I like! Also, they are working on adding male and female voices soon. So, don’t dismiss it just yet. ; )

  15. Jon-

    I apologize for the close connection! I never looked at any domain with “for” in it. We own clicktoclients, click2client, but never looked into clickforclient.

    I can assure you that if someone DOES end up contacting us by mistake while searching for you, we will be sure to send them your way.

    – Shama

  16. I wish you much continued success, Shama. There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to online marketing. You are a very clear voice that I look forward to listening to each time your newsletter shows up. Have a great start to 2009!


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