Rony Daniel, VP of Search Engine Marketing

Rony Daniel is a seasoned digital marketing professional and a veteran entrepreneur who makes sure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of helping clients grow. He has been called the ‘Bruce Lee of Digital Marketing’ – and with good reason. He has over ten years of experience in online marketing, and has managed to turn around many businesses purely through his digital marketing tactics.

Rony is also Google Adwords and Analytics certified, and has a no-nonsense approach when it comes to marketing. He takes great pride in translating data into dollars for clients, and shuns the “throw it on the wall and see what sticks” methodology.

Rony’s love for marketing and business has led him to help clients around the globe. If you ever meet him, be sure to ask him about his mission trip to Ghana, Africa, where he helped goat, chicken, and yam farmers grow their businesses! When he’s not out saving the world one website at a time, he enjoys playing chess and tinkering with his gadgets.

Rony Daniel

What personally makes you unique among others in the industry?

The breadth of my experience comes from marketing and growing my own businesses. I practice what I preach.

What is your favorite advertising platform?

Google Adwords! It is one of the powerful channels to grow your business you can use if setup properly. When people ask me what’s the low hanging fruit in their business, the first thing I ask is if they’re running any Adwords campaigns? If you are not using Google Adwords, you are at a severe disadvantage compared to your competitors.