Imran Kidwai

VP of Client Relations

The Vice President of Client Relations

Imran Kidwai is the Vice President of Client Relations at The Marketing Zen Group. In other words, he is a keen mix of quarterback, party planner, babysitter, and scheming genius. He has a bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance from the University of Houston and a graduate degree in International Relations from the University College in Dublin.

What is your favorite social media platform, and why?

Instagram, hands down. It allows people to live through others’ experiences, story and location.

HOWEVER, Snapchat’s snapstories are really cool in that same way… I see you Snapchat!

What personality/celebrity/influencer would you most like to have dinner with?

Aside from our awesome CEO?
Mark Zuckerberg – I’d love to hear his story from his own point of view.
Muhammad Ali – is there really a reason needed?
Rebel Wilson – that would be one fun dinner!
Anne Hathaway – she’s royal (Princess Diaries.)

After graduation, Imran worked in commercial real estate, banking, and management consulting before finding his comfort zone and home in digital marketing. He started his career with Marketing Zen in the Social Media and Influencer Marketing division and due to popular demand, made a lateral move to heading up the Client Relations team. His creative mind along with a quantitative background make him a Client Servicing ninja.

Where do you wish you could move your virtual office to?

I’m almost certain anyone can answer this on my behalf,

Originally born in New Jersey, Imran has lived in five countries, speaks multiple languages, and continues to believe that building sound relationships is the key to success. In his personal time, he loves traveling, sports, and being a foodie. He prides himself in having family and friends on all six continents – he is currently working on the seventh.

What personally makes you unique among others in the industry?

I have a put-others-first attitude with a pretty diverse background. And I’m not just saying that because I’m Pakistani. I’ve traveled to about 20 – 30 cities around the world, have degrees in Accounting, Finance and International Relations, studied in Ireland and interned in Spain. Traveling has put a perspective on how, although each person is unique, the world is really smaller than we think.

Through these experiences, I believe I have an uncanny ability to relate & connect, whether it’s building a relationship with a client or understanding how to connect a brand to their audience.
On another note, I like making people laugh. What’s the point of life if you can’t have fun living it and smile? ;-)