Published on 27th Jan, 2008 in Online Marketing

A New Paradigm of Doing Business

By: Shama Hyder

Another article inspired by the Godin-Meister.

The old way of doing business went something like this-

Come up with Idea–>Edit–>Launch Business

This is the NEW model

Come up with Idea–>Launch—>Edit—>Launch–>Tweak—>Relaunch

The new paradigm of doing business requires you to be an editor. And not just any editor-but a masterful editor. You have to be able to add to your business on a minute’s notice. How flexible is your business? How flexible are you when it comes to implementing changes and improving your business?

A recent client of mine (a very talented HR Consultant) came to me because no one seemed to be contacting him for his services. He did get a few calls asking if he could find people jobs. He wasn’t too happy because he isn’t a head hunter. I took a look at all his marketing materials (particularly his website) and suggested an overhaul. His website didn’t adequately convey his talents or speak to his target market. I braced myself for the usual "but, I can’t just change everything…can I?" It didn’t come. Instead he said, "You know, I am looking to build this into a million dollar business. If that means I have to rebuild a few things I am in."

I knew at that moment that he would indeed make this into a million dollar business. He was open to change.

How open is your business or organization to change? Is it fluid? If today a client told you that they couldn’t understand how to navigate your website, could you change it? And how fast?

On that note, you may notice that our site has also undergone some changes. Let me know what you think!