Published on 26th Jun, 2008 in Online Marketing

A Most Intriguing Conversation about Facebook

By: Shama Hyder Yesterday, I had the chance to speak to a most fascinating individual. But, before I go into the details of our conversation, it’s important to give some background. A few weeks ago I found out that I would be speaking at Blog World (amazing blogging conference) in Las Vegas. The topic? “Facebook Fortunes: How to Market your Brand, Blog, and Business on Facebook.” Last year, Blog World was amazing, and it blew my socks off. This year, I am thrilled to actually be a bigger part of it. If you are even vaguely thinking about going-stop thinking, and just go. Why?
  • The coolest bloggers in the world are there. You can make some great friends.
  • The presentations are going to kick-butt.
  • Your business/blog/brand WILL benefit just by being there. (I know because that’s exactly what happened for me last year.)
  • It’s in LAS VEGAS!
Okay, now, back to the prequel to this intriguing conversation. I want to make sure that the presentation on Facebook is the BEST ever! So, I contacted Mari Smith (another Facebook expert) for any case studies that she may want to add. She, in turn, recommended I speak to Kevin Nation…and there the fun began! Kevin is not a social media expert. Far from it. He is a savvy business owner who teaches people how to sell BIG ticket items-often coaching, consulting, etc. So, how did Kevin make thousands of dollars using Facebook to market his business? He decided to put into action some basic principles: -Engagment-He created a group on Facebook to share his expertise, and invited people to actively engage. -Great content– He gave gives away lots of great free information on his Facebook group. -Community– He encourages everyone in the group to help each other and serve as resources. He does NOT sell anything on Facebook. You can bet I will keep you updated on what he will be up to. We may even do something together…only time will tell. = ) For now, click here to join his Big Ticket Mastermind group on Facebook.