9 Ways to Recruit Using Social Media Marketing

In these days of digital communication, companies are increasingly shifting away from traditional recruiting methods and turning to the Internet. Social recruiting – using social media for hiring – is proving an excellent way to help companies reach the high-quality candidates. Though the benefits of social recruiting may be clear, how to effectively integrate recruiting tactics into your social media marketing efforts may not be. Here are nine ways to use social media marketing to recruit your next job prospects.


1.    Announce Open Positions

Your social media posts provide a great opportunity to announce current openings to all of your followers. When sharing content on Twitter, where space is restricted, make sure to include the title of the you’re trying to fill along with a few important descriptive phrases – such as “full time salaried position” or “experience in WordPress development required” – along with a link to an online application. Consider adding hash tags that are relevant to the post, such as #job, #hiring, or #ITjob, to help those actively searching for a job find your post.


2.    Post Jobs on LinkedIn

For a fee, LinkedIn allows you to post your job opening and application directly on their site. At this point, not only is it searchable to anyone on LinkedIn – whether they follow you or not – but LinkedIn will also suggest job postings to users that the site determines are a good match for the position.  These job listings can then be easily shared with your company’s LinkedIn followers.


3.    Promote Offline Career Events

If your company will be attending any upcoming job fairs, your social media posts are the perfect way to let your followers know about them. Adding specific information – such as date and location of the job fair, as well as booth location, if applicable – in addition to a link for more details will help encourage a bigger turnout.


4.    Encourage Referrals

Through social media marketing, you have the potential to reach beyond your fans and into their network. When actively hiring or accepting applications, encourage your followers and networks to share your job-related content with any friends or colleagues who may be a good fit.


5.    Target Candidates with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow you to fine-tune the demographics of the audience that you want your marketing efforts to reach. While this is generally used to share promotional content, it can also be a great way to promote company job openings. This way, your job posting will be displayed only to Facebook members who meet your specifications, such as educational or geographic requirements.


6.    Screen Potential Applicants

Social media’s usefulness isn’t limited to the initial stage of recruitment. It can also be used to screen applicants, gleaning more information about their suitability for the position. Keep in mind, however, that you have to be careful about what evidence you use in your decision making process: using social media to verify work experience and professionalism is fine, but considering personal information you come across such as age or marital status is not.


7.    Encourage Inquiries

Even if your company is not currently seeking to fill a specific position, encouraging your social media followers to send resumes to be considered for future openings means you’ll have a ready-made pool of applicants the moment you need to hire someone.


8.    Highlight Current Positions

You may have high-quality job candidates already following your social media accounts, but your company simply might not come to mind when they are ready to make a career move. Help your company gain a positive online reputation as one that provides a great work environment – and values its employees – by creating social media marketing content that highlights current employees and positions. This could take the form of an “Employee of the Month” post, or a periodic look behind-the-scenes in various departments.


9.    Build Relationships

The path to successful social recruiting begins long before open job listings are even posted. By working to connect with your followers through your social media marketing efforts, you can build a community of passionate and engaged fans who respect and admire your company and culture. Through fostering these relationships, you position yourself to be seen as more than just another company with job openings, turning into a place people aspire to someday work for.


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