50 Ways to Serve up Hot Juicy Content

By: Shamacontent marketing tips

Content marketing is an essential part of online marketing (and marketing in general) these days. If you have any information that helps educate your prospects and clients, chances are you are already engaging in content marketing.

Once you have crafted your message, how do you get it out there?

Top 50 Ways to Do Content Marketing

As I was brainstorming for a client, I came up with the list below –

1. Webinar
2. Teleseminar
3. Video
4. Blog Post
5. eZine Article
6. Print Article
7. Tweets
8. Facebook Posts
9. Email
10. Printed Book
11. Kindle Book
12. Mobile App
13. IPAD App
14. Website
15. Interviews
16. Guest Post
17. Press Release
18. LinkedIn Answers
19. Facebook Fan Page
20. Calculators
21. Charts
22. Polls
23. Editorials
24. Graders
25. Quizzes
26. Powerpoint
27. Skype
28. Squidoo Lens
29. RSS Feed
30. Facebook Group
31. White Paper
32. Status Updates
33. Text Messages
34. Auto Responders
35. Banner Ads
36. Podcasts
37. Radio
38. Television
39. Toolbars
40. Brochures
41. CDs
42. DVDs
43. USB Drives with Pre-Loaded Information
44. Flickr (A Collage of Information)
45. Online Glossary
46. Decoder
47. Packaging (Ever seen a happy meal bag?)
48. Flip Book
49. Business Cards with Tips on the Back
50. Posters

Did I miss anything? What else can you think of?

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  • http://www.FromTheDeskOfSandraMartini.com Sandra Martini

    Hi Shama,

    Not sure if it’s totally different from a “printed article”, but repurposing into a daily/weekly newspaper column or monthly magazing column comes to mind.

    As does either an evergreen email newsletter or e-course (similar to “email”, yet gives it a different flavor).

    Great post!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Sandy :-)

  • http://www.100k-small-business-coach.com Alan — $100K Small Business Coach

    That’s a great list of the different media to get the content out there, but even more important is how you develop that marketing.

    The title must be an attention getter or no one reads it.
    The content must not only give good info, but must also build mouth watering value so that once they’ve read it they are so excited about what they read, and a total surprise, an aha moent.

    And finally, what is it you want them doing after reading. A call to action that gets them doing it.

    And finally, measuring, monitoring, and tweaking on each new article so that you get more and more of what you wanted.