Published on 12th Aug, 2008 in Online Marketing

50 Reasons to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

  1. Meet your current fans.
  2. Meet your critics…and utilize their constructive criticism
  3. Connect with prospects
  4. Keep up with past and present clients
  5. Share your work (articles, blog, videos, podcasts, etc.).
  6. Find referral sources
  7. Find Joint Venture (JV) partners
  8. Share valuable resources with clients and prospects
  9. Drive traffic to your website and blog
  10. Gain blog readers
  11. Further your online brand
  12. Establish your expertise
  13. Find speaking opportunities
  14. Meet colleagues
  15. Tactics relatively easy to carry out (strategy must be thought out)
  16. Boost SEO efforts
  17. Collect testimonials with ease
  18. Give recommendations
  19. Maintain relationships with the people you network with offline
  20. Serve as a maven or hub of information (connect friends with each other!)
  21. Share company event pictures (let people see how cool you really are!)
  22. Find interns (happy to detail that in another post).
  23. Find employees
  24. Find another job
  25. Find mentors
  26. Mentor newcomers to the field
  27. Get the scoop on the latest conferences and seminars
  28. Raised prices (because you are naturally more savvy to consumer needs)
  29. Distribute content in more areas
  30. Poll people
  31. Showcase your team
  32. Track what’s being said
  33. …then join the conversation
  34. Collect case studies
  35. Check out the competition
  36. …then play nice with them!
  37. Read industry related pieces
  38. Ask how you can add more value
  39. …then implement the suggestions
  40. Share your enthusiasm (ideally for your product of service)
  41. Get behind a cause (business owner? support young entrepreneurs. pet food store? support the humane society).
  42. Appeal to Gen Y
  43. Join an awesome community of bloggers-by starting your own blog
  44. Share the story behind your company
  45. GET clients to 1st base!
  46. Reignite old ideas-find new inspiration
  47. Easily host fun contests to spread the word about your product or service
  48. Grow your subscriber list
  49. Sell products
  50. Reach a wider audience (and which marketer doesn’t like that!)