Published on 24th Oct, 2007 in Online Marketing

5 Tips to Use Google Search Like a Pro

1) Use quotations. When looking for an explicit phrase, put it in quotations. Instead of typing small business marketing, try enclosing the phrase within double quotes.

Example- "Small Business Marketing" 

2) Search a Specific Site:  Want to search a particular site for a phrase but the site doesn’t have a built-in search box? You can use Google by simply typing in ""

Example: "how to manage a business" 

3) Searching Specific Document Types: Looking for just images or power point presentations? Anytime you are searching for a specific document type, use "filetype:" to modify your search results.

Example: "small business marketing" filetype:ppt

4) Check Local Time– To check the local time of a city, simple type in time in x city

Example: Time in London

5) Search Patents- Have an idea for an invention but no clue if someone already had it first? Search Google Patents.