5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Email Marketing


Email marketing used to be a marketer’s dream, but thanks to spammers and viagra ads, click through rates are at an all time low. But don’t despair if your business uses newsletters or eZines to get information across to your clients. Here are five tips to keep in mind when sending emails.

1) In that initial moment, when one decides whether to hit "open" or "delete," the two largest components are 1) your subject line and 2) the "from" address. It is the first thing people notice and if it reads like spam-they will spam it. So keep your subject line short and use the recipient’s name whenever possible. The "from" address should always show your name. If you ever receive an email from After The Launch-it will be from me, "Shama Hyder."

2) Use alt-text tags to improve clickthroughs for recipients who have HTML images automatically disabled. Gmail is infamous for this! Provide as much description as you can about the services-this will encourage a higher click through rate.

3) Open rates are HIGHEST on Monday and go down from there. They peak back up slightly on Saturday. Saturday emails usually work best if you are offering "weekend products" such restaurant coupons or suggesting entertainment venues.

4) Keep the subject line short and punchy (35 characters or less). Click through rates are 78% higher when using short subject lines compared to long descriptive subject lines. (Statistics courtesy of Mailer Mailer, LLC).

5) Keep a clean list. Remove any email address from your list which has bounced more than once. This will save all your future emails from ending up in the junk folder.

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  • http://www.idea-sellers.com Daniel Sitter, Idea Seller

    Excellent and useful information Shama. Thank you.

  • Shama

    Thank you Daniel! I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Heather Juma

    Shama, thanks for sharing these useful email tips, these are great to keep in mind when sending online!