5 Steps to Becoming a Client Magnet

Every noticed how some coaches and consultants naturally have a full client roster, while other stumble around trying to find their first client? It happens all the time, and it has very little to do with luck. Here are five steps to becoming a client magnet and starting that wait list of your own.

1) Create a Strong Platform– This is the very first step to becoming a client magnet, and it involves creating a strong platform for yourself. There are thousands of coaches and consultants out there-what makes you different? Creating a strong platform is about finding what makes you different  from everyone else and then conveying that with enthusiasm to the world. The stronger your platform, the stronger your "magnetic" attraction power.

2) Be a Connector- If you can serve as a connector for others, you (and your services!) will be valued. Know someone who needs an accountant? Know a good accountant looking for new business? Connect them! The best marketers are also the best connectors. They are the "go-to" people for information and resources. If you can establish yourself as a connector, you can build a very credible reputation through word of mouth.

3) Hone your Listening Skills- If you are always talking about your business, when do you have time to listen to other people’s needs? Take the time to listen to other people’s stories when you meet them. This will allow you to quickly discover if there is an area in which you can help them. Not only will they appreciate your listening skills, they will be more open to your "customized" advice.

4) Ask for Referrals- Never feel shy when asking for referrals from your current clients-especially if your work together created impressive results for them. Don’t assume your clients will go around bragging about what an excellent job you did. So, just let them know that you are open to taking on more clients and would appreciate their referrals. Most people are happy to spread the word. Just don’t forget to thank them wholeheartedly when they do!

5) Partner with Others- Find other coaches and consultants whose services compliment yours and start a joint venture with them. It doesn’t have to be a long term partnership, but you can partner together to host a seminar or write an E-book. This will give you both increased exposure.

Bonus Step- Be PERSISTENT. The coaches and consultants that do well for themselves and turn their practices into client magnets are the ones that work at it. They try different angles, invest in their business, provide value, and be persistent.

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  • John Leach

    Great list…applies to every service professional!

  • Shama

    Thanks John. I appreciate your comment. : )