5 Reasons to Use Social Media in Your Medical Practice

September 6th, 2012

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It is no secret that social media is becoming a large part of our everyday lives. Whether you are swapping photos and stories with your friends on Facebook, sharing funny anecdotes about your day through Twitter, or re-connecting with old colleagues via LinkedIn, one thing is for sure―social media has completely changed the way that we interact with people on a day-to-day basis.

However, should these many social interactions be limited to only your social life? Business professionals all over the world, from lawyers to small business owners, are now beginning to take a closer look at sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and they are discovering all of the benefits that these social sites can have for the growth and productivity of their business. One group that can truly reap the benefits of social media more than others is healthcare providers.


The increase in social media use among doctors and physicians can most likely be tired to the rise in mobile technology and smart phones. As personal social media use began to grow, mostly due to how easy it was to access from a mobile device, many physicians adopted smart phones for personal reasons. They soon found ways to use them in their professional lives and began thinking about how they could incorporate social networking into their own business.

The major reason this trend is catching on so well among health care professionals is because social media makes it easier than ever to connect with patients and colleagues outside of the normal setting. After all, social media is the evolution of how we communicate with each other, so if your company is not involved with these sites, you may be behind the curve and behind the times.

To learn more about the increasing trend of using social media for your medical practice, as well as to read our top five reasons for bringing social media into your health care business, check out our article in Medical Office Today.

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