5 Minutes to a More LinkedIn You

By: Shamalinkedin marketing

I often get asked why I don’t write more about LinkedIn and how to use LinkedIn for business purposes. For all those who keep asking – and for the rest of us – here are five ways you can amp up your LinkedIn experience. Five minutes. Five steps. (Take that 30 minute meals! Someone get this girl a show!). Jokes aside – here are my tips.

Minute 1 – Add 7 Descriptive Keywords to your Specialties Area. Think not only about your specialties within the industry – but also how people outside the industry may seek you out. For example, airline companies for the longest time bickered over the keyword “low airfares.” Until, someone (probably in the marketing department of course) discovered that people were looking for “cheap airfare.” Also, think globally and locally. Example: Search Engine Optimization but also Dallas SEO.

Minute 2 – Add your LinkedIn Address to your Email Signature. Mr. Prospect may not decide to move forward now, but if they choose to connect with you on LinkedIn it makes it that much easier to stay in their periphery.

Minute 3 – Pull your Twitter feed into your Profile. This is a debated topic. Some say don’t pull your Twitter feed into your profile because the tweets seem disconnected. I say it depends on how you Twitter. If most of your tweets are complete thoughts (as complete as 140 characters will afford), pull your Twitter feed in.

Minute 4 – Look at the LinkedIn Questions & Answers Area. Pick one question that you can quickly and valuably answer. Save 30 seconds by sharing a link to a blog post which answers the given question. (You are making the Tazmanian devil look slow!). Worst case scenario – you just earned karma points for being helpful. Best case scenario – you just found a prospect who likes how you think.

Minute 5 – Update your Status with Value (for them) and Branding (for you) in Mind. How can you be helpful and further your personal brand at the same time? Think about your status update. “Just helped a client” is good branding (albeit vague) but not very useful for those who are reading it. Compare that to – “Just helped a client find a fantastic deal for their summer vacation. Try using new search engine Bing to find the best airfares.” Built brand – check. Provided value – check.

Got an Extra 30 Seconds? Feel free to Connect with me on LinkedIn.

What are your best LinkedIn marketing tips?

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  1. Excellent simple ideas that are easy to implement. Thanks!

    • thanks Heather!

  2. As far as the show goes…I’m sure that’s not to far in the future for you.
    LinkedIn is great and your 5 tips are indeed a fast tuneup that anyone can and should take action on.

    • Thanks Mitch = )

  3. Shama, this is all excellent advice but am most appreciative of your mentioning LI Q&A. Last week I gave a presentation to my job club and highlighted Q&A as a great branding opportunity.

  4. Hi Shama,
    Great set of tips for tuning up your Linked In profile. I would suggest that if you write a blog to pull that in as a feed too. Great way to add more value and spread the word.


  5. I firmly believe that LinkedIn is the best thing since sliced bread.

    I’ve had fantastic success with it, and I’ve been amazed at who I’ve met there that have also connected me with others. I’ve gotten referrals from Hong Kong back into the U.S. city I live and work in, I’ve brought 10-15 new prospects a week to one of my clients.

    I’d say the key is not just collect numbers of connections as many do but who never get to the know the person, but the real thing that works is to get to know every person you connect with.

    I’ll even pick up the phone and call someone I’ve found on LinkedIn, or that connects with me on LinkedIn, but not in an intrusive way. I always start with “Saw you on LinkedIn, and that you are a _________ [name their industry]. I’d love to hear about what you do.”

    And I’m never turned away. It works to open doors even with some of the biggest people you can imagine.

  6. Each time I correspond with someone for the first time, I make sure to include a link to my LinkedIn profile and encourage everyone to go to LinkedIn for my references. I am humbled to have almost 100 recommendations which help me stand out in the crowd and give potential clients the confidence to work with me. Potential clients and associates can read in people’s own words how their experience was working with me. –Gary Parkes

    • Hi Gary –

      That is an excellent practice. 100 recommendations! I am impressed. = )

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