Published on 24th Mar, 2008 in Online Marketing

4 Reasons Your Prospects Don’t Turn into Clients

By: Shama Hyder

A perceived risk is the number one thing that stops prospects from turning into clients. Here are the top four reasons why people don’t buy:

1) Losing money- People value what they have more than what they don’t. Even if your services are spectacular, their money is more precious to them. This becomes especially true in tough economic times. You can overcome this barrier by fully conveying the value they will receive for their hard-earned cash. This is a bit easier if you are helping them increase their bottom line (marketing for example) than it is for relationship coaching or personal training. If your services don’t directly impact a client’s bottom line, you may have to work harder to convey the value. Testimonials can really help you do this with ease.

2) Scared of being stuck- Unfortunately, a few hucksters in business give the majority a bad name. Your prospects are scared of being stuck with something that doesn’t work for them and not having a way out. Many service businesses ask clients to sign up for a certain time period in order to deliver results and rightly so. However, this scares prospects into thinking they have no way out. Always explain to prospects that if they are unsatisfied due to your service, they are free to go. If you insist on making them stick to the contract, you may end up up with unstoppable negative word-of-mouth. 

3) Making a mistake- Nobody wants to mess up and everybody is afraid of choosing something that isn’t right for them. This is why it’s best to serve in an advisor capacity. Don’t take on clients who can’t fully benefit from your services. Just this week, I turned down three prospects.

4) Not getting what they were promised- Disappointments are scary.  Some (unethical) marketers promise the sun and the moon-only to leave their clients without a thing. Chances are your clients have been burned before too. It’s your job to make sure they get what you promise. One great way to overcome this is to let them speak to past clients.

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