3 Signs of a Savvy Entrepreneur

In my line of work, I meet lots of entrepreneurs and business owners. Some are very successful, and others are still getting there. I can always spot a savvy entrepreneur thanks to these three signs.

1) They are proud of what they do …and it shows- Savvy entrepreneurs never cover their mouth and mumble when someone asks "What do you do?" Instead, they smile real big and tell them! They always use their business name in their email signatures and jump at the chance of sharing their expertise. They realize that providing a service that is valuable to people is not enough-you have to market that service!

2) They are focused-Even serial entrepreneurs share this characteristic. Savvy entrepreneurs take one project at a time and carry it out to its full extent. They are focused on their business and are willing to give it their 100%. They don’t scatter their efforts. They give their full attention to whatever project is on hand.

3) They are students-The best entrepreneurs are also constant students. They love learning! They shun the know-it-all attitude and embrace learning as a way of life. I, myself, continue to take classes, hire coaches, and participate in seminars that I feel will be valuable to me and my clients. Savvy entrepreneurs invest in themselves and constantly hone their skills.

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  • Liz Fuller

    Hi Shama
    I love the way you have characterized the savvy entrepreneur as proud of her business, and pleased to tell others about it. People are drawn to positive energy, confidence and charsima – this is definitely one way to project those traits!

  • Heather Juma

    Hi Shama, I’m happy to see that you point out that to be successful we all must remain “students”. Especially these days with the online world, things change so fast. I know that you’re continually updating your skills,taking classes and seminars thanks for reminding the rest of us to follow in your footsteps.

  • Matt

    I agree completely … particularly on the last point.

    The beauty of web-based businesses, in particular, is the quick and relatively easy access to a huge market space (nationally and internationally) that was previously much harder to reach.

    However, that means that any individual’s ability to ‘predict’ the market is much reduced … I’m sure, for example, that Skype had no idea they would be so successful in Poland prior to the event.

    So, I am always concerned about anyone who suggests that they know exactly what will work and what will not. I think that you need invention to produce new business offerings but then evolution to polish those offerings to meet the users needs. That means you have to learn from your users, other experts and the whole community.

    Personally, I love the process; the constant surprise and the challenge and change.

  • Shama

    Matt-thank you for that insightful comment! If business could be summed up in two words it would be Invention and Polish.