3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Social Media Marketing

In the past two posts, I have laid out strategies to leverage Facebook. Today, I am going to backtrack a little and give you three reasons why you should not be using Social Media Marketing.

Reason 1- It’s not part of your marketing strategy- It is not worth the effort to play around with social media marketing. It could easily backfire if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are serious about building a community around your brand, then plan it out. Make it a part of your comprehensive marketing plan. Set quantifiable goals. If you don’t have a plan set, you might find yourself spending hours "wandering" online. Now, there is nothing wrong with testing out the field. In fact, that is some what necessary. However, make sure you have a specific amount of time set aside that serves as your testing phase.

Reason 2- You don’t care about building a community- If you aren’t interested in increasing your brand recognition or networking online with others, social media marketing is not for you. Social media marketing is first and foremost about building your brand identity and then about creating a community around that identity. You have to reach out, share your information through an online platform, and educate people. If you aren’t comfortable doing these things, you should not use social media marketing.

Reason 3- You are participating because it’s a trend. Social media marketing may be in the forefront now, but that doesn’t mean its the only reason you should jump on the bandwagon. Trends come and go, and although they can boost your efforts in the short run, it requires a long term commitment to really see a return on investment.

Do use social media marketing as a strategy if it is part of your bigger marketing plan, you want to build a community around your brand, and are willing to see it as a long term commitment.

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  1. I totally agree with your strategic approach here, Shama. Without a plan, social media is a wilderness of distraction. The plan needs to cover both where to focus (there are too many sites and blogs) and what to do when you get there! (PS I like your book selection here: don’t know the Livingstone book, but will check it out.)

  2. Hey Jon,

    Thanks for your comments! You are right-it is a 2 part plan. 1-which sites to use? and 2- how to use them? = )

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