3 Innovative Business Card Marketing Strategies

This post has been inspired by the Young Go Getter contest and their partner Orange 32. There are many ways to leverage your business cards to market yourself, but in this post I will be writing about three innovative business card marketing strategies.

1) Leave them as Bookmarks! Every time you check out a book from the library or pick one up to browse at the local bookstore-leave your business card in it as a bookmark. This works especially well if the book is related to your business topic. For example, if you are an interior decorator, you can leave your business cards in the self-help decoration books. If you are a career coach, you can leave your business cards tucked between the pages of "Resume Magic." This is a great way to reach out to your target market-without being too loud.

2) Free Cookies…and a Business Card?– Every Christmas, I bake and deliver fresh chocolate chip cookies to all the neighbors. On top of the chocolate chip cookie box, I stick a merry Christmas note…and my business card. This may sound like a strange way to market, but it always works! The cookies make my neighbors feel good and they associate those positive feelings with my business card. What does this do? 1) It encourages them to hang on to it longer. 2) The longer they hang on to it, the more likely they are to remember my company’s services-and use them! It is a win-win for all.

3) Stick them on Magnets- If you really want someone to hang on to your business card, stick it on a magnet. People may throw away business cards or lose them, but they usually hang on to magnets. Most people put their magnets on the fridge, and the fridge gets a lot of foot traffic (at least in our house!). Not only will the person who received the magnet constantly be reminded of your company, so will any guests who visit the home!

Do you have any business card marketing strategies? If so, please share!

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  1. very nice! thank you!

  2. Shama, great ideas for getting those business cards out there. For those that still use snail mail, just pop a business card into the envelope with your bills and always leave one at a restaurant for you waiter or waitress.

  3. Very true about the magnets – although we have a built in fridge with a wooden door so nowhere to stick them, it’s only living without magnets on the fridge that you realise how useful they were!

  4. Have you seen these? http://www.cardcues.com An innovative way to market with business cards.

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