25 Things You Must Learn to ASK For

By: Shama Hyder

We all know that giving is fantastic. Give great customer service; give great rates, and always give your best. But, what about getting? What kinds of things should you expect from your clients? Asking is also a great marketing strategy! Here is a list of 25 things you can (and should!) ask for when working with a client.

1. Ask for a down payment – Just like there are flaky freelancers out there, there are flaky clients as well. It’s completely okay to protect yourself and your time. Ask for a down payment, and make it fully refundable if you don’t do your share. Most clients will be happy to oblige.

2. Ask for more time if you need it – Sometimes your creative genius self needs time, and who can blame you? Between Twitter, and Facebook and well… clients, it’s a busy life! So, feel free to ask for more time if you need it. Just don’t go overboard.

3. Ask for clear directions – If a client wants exactly what they have in mind, they have to be able to communicate those thoughts. Help them along. Make sure to ask for clear directions and double check.

4. Ask for consistent expectations – It is okay to ask for consistent expectations on projects. If the client feels your work seems “fantastic” one day, and “not up to par” the next, and given that your quality has stayed the same-bring it up with the client. One caveat: this may require that you have some sort of quality check system in place to ensure the consistency of your work product.

5. Ask for recommendations- You kicked butt on the last project. The client is thrilled. Now, strike while the iron is hot, and ask for the recommendation. (i.e. – “I appreciate your confidence in me, and I will deliver my best to you always. Since I know you are enthusiastic about working with me, do you think you could please recommend me to your friends? I’d really appreciate it tremendously.”).

6. Ask for referrals – It can go something like this- “Who else in your network could use my services? Would it be okay if I contacted them and introduced myself?”

7. Ask for testimonials – So many freelancers forget about this wonderful marketing tool. It’s called “social proof.” People like people who are liked by other people. At the very least, they are usually intrigued. Simply stated – Ask for your clients’ good words on paper.

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  • http://www.memberspeed.com/blog/ Jay, writer MemberSpeed.com

    In the business of asking, let me share with you an ancient Chinese proverb. It IS the Chinese New Year after all so this would be pretty appropriate. He who asks is a fool for five minutes but he who doesn’t is a fool forever. So what is it going to be then? Sometimes, we end up regretting not doing anything or not asking for anything. The next time we’re in a situation that merits a question, let us not be afraid to ask.