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  • Why you must start with a WELL-ENGAGING, WELL-CONVERTING WEBSITE – Part 1 of 2

    So many times, we have clients who want to jump into social media, which is great because social media marketing definitely works. BUT…there are a few components you have to have in place before diving in head first. The very FIRST PRIORITY and MOST IMPORTANT TOOL in your toolbox when marketing online is your website. Just “having” a website is not good enough. You must have a well-engaging, well-converting website. You have to remember that when it all boils down to it, one of the main reasons we market on various online networks is to DRIVE TRAFFIC TO OUR WEBSITE. So it is imperative that when people get there, that the site engages them to convert in some form or fashion. We don’t want all of our efforts in driving people to our website to result in them just hitting the back button. What good does that do? Let’s first address what a conversion is. A conversion is when a visitor takes a call to action. They essentially take a step to consume your information. Conversions could be: Subscribing to your blog RSS. Downloading free report/signing up for your newsletter. Following you on Twitter “Liking” you on Facebook Connecting with…

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  • Part 1: Five Things Your Hospital Should Be Doing To Engage In Social Media

    [Note: This is the first part in a four-part series about the potential that social media holds for physicians and health care professionals.] The concept of hospitals engaging in social media is fairly new. Institutions like The Mayo Clinic and Children’s Hospital of Boston are using social media to make connections with patients, parents and the community. If you’re a healthcare organization and looking to jump into the mix, we’ve got a few tips for you to get the ball rolling! 1. Create an online identity. This first step seems logical but the data shows that many hospitals have yet to do this. Establishing an online identity by creating profiles on various social networking sites still scares away many hospital administrators. There are currently 5,975 hospitals in the United States according to the American Hospital Association (AHA). Ed Bennet’s blog “Found In Cache” states that only 906 of these hospitals are currently utilizing social media in their integrated marketing efforts. That’s means only 15.1% of hospitals are using social media! If you’re lacking an online presence, start by creating a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, a YouTube Channel and a Flickr page. 2. Google Your Hospital and It’s Doctors. Hopefully…

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  • How-To: Outsource Your Company’s Social Media Marketing Initiatives – Part 1

    Okay so, you finally did it! You finally decided to get your business on Facebook and have outsourced the task to a social media marketing agency. It makes sense too as you’re a small-medium sized business already spreading your internal resources way too thin. Your social media marketing efforts are now out of sight, out of mind, right? Time to focus your attention back on your regular tasks, right? Wrong. I have to say it. You are wrong Mr. CEO / Ms. CEO. The words engaging, sharable, interactive should mean something to you by now. I’m positive you’ve heard them a time or two if you’ve made it to our online marketing blog before. You need to be all three and you need to be strategic and you NEED to make sure all efforts are in sync with your company culture. Since you’ve outsourced… your social media company needs to be all of the above too (and they can’t do it without you)! Here are a few ways on how you can keep them in the loop and ensure your social media dollars are going to do their job. Today’s Wake-Up Call: Bring Your Audience Behind the Scenes… Let your…

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