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  • How to Turn Your Facebook Profile Into a Fan Page

    Facebook has recently made available a tool which will allow you to convert your personal Facebook profile into a Facebook Page (also known as a Fan Page). A quick refresher: profiles are for people. Pages are for businesses, brands, puppies, and yes…people. So, a person can have a profile and a page, but a business for example, cannot have a profile. A business must have a page. If someone wants to friend you on Facebook, they go through your profile. This is a mutual relationship. If someone wants to connect with you, and you don’t know who they are, they can connect with you via a page by “Liking it.”  This used to be called “Fanning” a  page. You can turn your profile into a page by going here: This is perfect IF – 1)    You originally created a profile for your business instead of a page. 2)    You are a public persona, and have been using your profile as a page –  to connect with fans, etc.  Facebook limits you to 5000 friends. Do NOT convert to a page if you are using Facebook to connect with family and friends only, because you will not be able to…

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  • 5 Ways to Measure Content Marketing Success

    I sometimes wonder why there isn’t as much buzz about content marketing as there is social media marketing. Especially, when content marketing is the foundation of all good online marketing. Content marketing may not be as sexy sounding as social media, but it is absolutely crucial.  If you need some ideas for content marketing, I wrote a post a while back on 50 Ways to Serve Up Hot Juicy Content. This post is about how to measure the success of your content marketing. 1) Opt-Ins – This is the #1 way to see if your content has traction. Do people subscribe to it? Are they willing to trade their email address for your webinar or eBook or mp3? Does it entice them enough to opt-in? It doesn’t matter how well the content is written, it has to grab people’s attention. Our 22 page online marketing plan has hundreds of opt-ins every week. That’s how we know it’s successful. 2) Views & Comments – In other words, eyeballs. We could also look at this as “reader or viewer interaction.” But, how your audience interacts with your content is based strictly on your audience. Baby boomers are more likely to absorb information,…

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