Published on 5th Jan, 2011 in Marketing

2011: Social Media Marketing Consultants on the Decline and Other Predictions

In 2010, we were all enamored by social media marketing. Stories about folks getting fired because of their tweets or getting caught cheating thanks to Facebook were all the rage at parties. Okay…well…at least they were at the social gatherings I was attending. Now, we see a greater concern for privacy emerge and more people suffering from information overload.  Here are 3  trends I see emerging this year  – Every Tweet Counts – In 2010, tweeting became a phenomenon. We saw hordes of people sign up, tweet about their lunch plans, and then promptly stop using the service after pronouncing it absolutely useless.  In 2011, we will see more people thinking before tweeting. We’ve passed the experimental stage. It is no longer cool to just tweet. What you say actually matters. (Imagine that!)  And, it goes beyond twitter. Businesses trying to reach audiences will have to give content (and content marketing) much more thought. It will no longer be enough to just have content. But, compelling content becomes more important than ever. Social Media Marketing Consultants Decrease – In 2010, we also saw an increase in the social media marketing consultant population. Many in the industry complained that hacks and charlatans were at it again. Personally, I’ve  always felt that in an industry as young as ours, those who work hard and keep learning would always have a spot. (Here is my video How to be an Online Marketing Consultant via Shama Tv). In 2011, businesses will get more savvier. They aren’t falling for the whole “I know how to setup a Facebook page, so hire me” routine. They want more. They are understanding that social media has to be part of a bigger picture, and that an integrated approach is the key to success. In turn, more and more social media marketing consultants will be weeded out. And, as the bar gets raised, fewer will enter the field. Barriers to Reach Consumers Increase – Increased noise + increase in the geriatric population = extreme choosiness online. Consumers will grow tired of “Liking” pages and following people on Twitter. We will see an increase in unsubscribes for blogs and newsletters. In 2011, consumers are cutting back on the noise. Only the best will survive, and businesses everywhere will have to step up their game!