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  • How to Market your Freelance Business

    A reader asked me to address how freelancers can market their business. Here is an article I wrote a while ago on the topic. Most freelancers are talented, hard-working, creative, and do great work. Their one Achilles heel? Marketing! our business can be divided into two segments-service and marketing. If you are reading this article, then the assumption is that you care about your service and about improving your business. The second part of any business is marketing. Don’t shy away from tooting your own horn. A lot of freelancers I know are not comfortable with marketing because they feel like “Slick Willy” a typical car salesmen stereotype. But marketing doesn’t have to be underhanded. In fact, marketing is really about being an excellent communicator. Create a strong message, and then communicate it with confidence so that the people who are in need of your service can know who you are. They want you as much as you want them! Marketing is often one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world, and most people flat out hate it. And, I have an inbox full of queries to prove it. So, let’s look at what marketing is not- • It…

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  • Why I Unfollowed Everyone on Twitter

    Yes. I recently unfollowed 16,100 people on Twitter. Here is my story. Once upon a time there was a land named Twitterville. It was inhabited by 2000 wonderful, loving, geeky people. They shared stories, laughed at RTs, and wore t-shirts with blue birds on it.  I was a citizen of Twitterville. And, then, things changed. Oprah and Ashton Kutcher found Twitterville. All of a sudden, Twitterville was overrun by people. 65 million people to be exact. The little town grew up to be a honking country of its own. I accepted that. I followed back anyone who followed me. But, as time went on, crime increased in the Twitterverse. I received more and more spam; robots would greet me in the guise of friends, and pretty soon, I didn’t connect with people like I used to. Something was lost. Social Media is About Finding What Works For You Time and time again, I tell clients that they need to find their own sweet spot with social media. That they have to find what works for them and then follow through with it. For me, it wasn’t working to follow tens of thousands of people anymore. I found that I was…

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  • Google Buys Groupon: 3 Lessons We Can Learn

    It’s the hottest news of the season. $6 billion dollars for a company that isn’t quite three years old, and wait for it…has no actual product? Well, it did make $500 million in revenue with its 3,000 employees last year, and Google is betting on it! The business is no other than While many copycats have come to the market, this daily deal giant has been the leader in the field. So, what can we learn from Google’s decision to vie for Groupon’s attention? 1) Connecting people is a powerful business. As media and technology split our attention in a million directions, gathering multiple people at one water hole continues to be a challenge. And, for those like GroupOn who can conquer that challenge, it means money. Advertisers would kill for the 1950s again when TV and billboards did the trick. Want 80 percent of the market share? Spend money on ads. Today, “eyeballs” are much harder to find. Groupon has been successful because, much like Facebook, it is attracts people to one destination. 2) Local businesses are desperate for a way to reach audiences, especially online. Google has long been trying to crack the local business angle code….

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