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  • Brand Reputation Management: How to Clean Up An Online Crisis

    By: Shama I was recently asked by an reporter to comment on how a business can deal with a social media crisis. Here is the full article on How to Clean up a Social Media Crisis. I also wanted to share my original responses. Much of this is based on online reputation management services we provide for clients. How important is it for business owners to learn how to manage customer complaints on social media? It is absolutely crucial that small business owners learn when and how to manage customer service issues on social media. As consumers, we are giving new meaning to the phrase “I want it my way.” In an era of instant happy meals and books delivered to your device faster than you can blink, our expectations as consumers have gone up. On the flip side, as business owners we have to meet that demand. Your customer may prefer to call your toll-free number or send you an email or chat with you live on your website or send you a message on Twitter. Yes, the list is long. But, the goal is to provide your customers with choices, because as consumers we will settle for…

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  • How to Earn Some Good Karma Points

    Today is Blog Action Day. Every October 15th, bloggers of the world unite to hone in on one message. This year’s message is WATER! That’s right. The one thing that we take for granted. How to conserve it, help others get access to it, and overall – make the world a better place. Charity: Water helps bring safe and clean drinking water to those who need it most in developing nations. So, here is how you can help. 1) Go buy a copy of Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy! on Amazon. All profits are donated to charity. 2) Tell your friends about it on Facebook and Twitter and the office. Handy links up top to the left. 3) Collect invisible but very real good Karma points. That stuff comes in handy just when you need it most. Oh, and the book is written by 300 VERY smart people. You are sure to get something out of it, no matter which walk of life you come from. Please make it a good Friday. Thank you.

  • Top 10 Metrics for Measuring Social Media Marketing ROI

    Feels good to be home! I just got back from a long speaking tour. First, I was in Nashville doing a keynote on social media for women Accountants and CPAs. Then, I was in Las Vegas for a keynote at the Direct Employers Conference. I spoke about social media for recruiters. After which, I spoke at the Conquer and Grow conference. It was the shortest presentation of my life – 10 minutes! Very TED like. But, I had a blast, and was forced to really sum up my points. Above is my presentation. Below are the main points. 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Measuring Social Media Marketing Success – 1.) Measure Quantitatively and Qualitatively: The quantitative is the numbers part of the game. Website visitors, Twitter Followers, Facebook fans, etc. This makes for very pretty charts, and cool case studies. The qualitative is what can’t be measured by numbers. It is essentially what is being said about you and your brand. Reputation management, anyone? 2.) Keep in Mind the Non-Linear Benefits of Social Media Marketing: Small and medium sized businesses alike have the same power afforded to bigger businesses. How? R&D.  Research and Development was never this quick…

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  • Same Bully, Different Platform. Why We Must Help Stop Online Bullying.

    Each of us at some point has experienced some form of bullying. Most of us experienced it during our school days, and then many worked hard to put it all behind them. Today’s bullying isn’t happening just on the school grounds though. You can’t just come home, play with your dog, and try to put it all behind you. The bullying continues on Facebook, Twitter, forums, chat rooms – and it lives forever. It isn’t about “Hey! Give me your lunch money!” It is much meaner and pervasive. And, it isn’t limited to school age children. But, wait a second? Why is Shama talking about cyber bullying? Doesn’t she usually stick to marketing, technology, and business type issues?  Yes. I usually do stick to guiding people around the digital world. I love technology. I love the world we live in today that affords us so much power, but as I’ve pointed out before, with such power comes responsibility. And, I feel as a society we are currently shirking this responsibility. Cyber Bullying Affects Us ALL The recent story of the 18 year old college student who committed suicide has really stuck with me. Why did he feel so compelled to…

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