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  • We are Hiring! Looking for an Awesome Online Project Manager

    ***Update – This position has been filled. Thank you for your interest! *** Online Project Manager This is not your usual “project manager” position. We don’t require a certification. We are looking for the right person who can manage a diverse online staff (we are a virtual company) and on-going deadlines. If you love to work, want to work from home, and are looking to learn more about online marketing – this is for you. This is not your average 9-5 job. Responsibilities: – Serve as the primary medium between Account Manager and the technical staff (developers, designers, etc.) – Keep projects on track through clear task lists, issue tracking, status reports, and meeting notes – Check work for quality assurance – Must be able to present deliverables and manage expectations – Manage and resolve management and project related issues – Keep up team morale Minimum Qualifications: – DFW Area Resident – MUST be Tech-Savvy – Experience managing projects and people – Experience managing multiple deadlines – Excellent communication skills and problem solving skills – Work well under pressure – Excellent organizational skills – Want to work in a start-up like environment (lots of passion and you care more about…

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  • Why Google Instant is a Bad Idea

    Most people know that I studied social media in graduate school. But, most don’t know that I also studied how people experience Time. Time with a capital T can actually be broken down into various dimensions. Some of these dimensions are: urgency, precision, scheduling, and pace. We all have 24 hours in a day but how we experience those hours is vastly different, even when our tasks are similar. While I applaud the fact that Google wants to save us a few milliseconds a search, I am not convinced that trying to guess my thoughts is the way to go. Why Predictive Technology is a BAD IDEA Google recently introduced Google Instant. Long gone are the days where you had to WAIT a few seconds for Google to deliver your results. Now, Google will deliver them as you TYPE. That’s right. Before you even finish a thought, Google will provide you with helpful suggestions. Can you imagine Google Instant as a date? Me: I love dog.. Google Instants: Dogs? Dogging? Dog toys? Dogs for sale? Me: Just dogs… (Check Please!) What can I say? I don’t like the idea of my friends or my search engines trying to guess my…

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