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  • 13 Ways to Land your Dream Internship in Marketing, PR, and Social Media

    Summer time is here! In Texas this means hot summers, ice-tea, swimming pools, and barbecue. It also means lots of student and graduates are looking for internships. As resumes fill my inbox, and I find myself dispensing advice more often than usual, a blog post on the topic seems fitting. 1) Re-do the Resume – As a student, I never understood it. My resume looked JUST like the template provided by the career center. Big mistake! As an employer, I hate seeing such resumes. Tweak your resume for each position. If you can’t take 30 minutes to do that, then don’t consider applying for that position. You don’t want it badly enough. 2) Beef up your LinkedIn Profile -Before you ask your parents and their friends to forward your resume, think twice. Instead, beef up your LinkedIn profile. Now, give the profile address to your network. Make it easy for others to help you find your dream job. 3) Tweet Tweet – If you want a job in PR, Marketing, or Social Media, you need to be on Twitter. And, I don’t make sweeping generalizations like this easily. Twitter is faster than the API. You need to have an account…

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  • St. Gallen Symposium – Switzerland, Chocolate, and Lessons on Entrepreneurship

    “Super! Danke. Ciao.” – That is my chosen foreign phrase around here. I am in St. Gallen in Switzerland for the¬†Leaders of Tomorrow Symposium. Every year, 200 young leaders are invited to join the symposium to discuss entrepreneurship. This is the 40th year, and I was honored to receive an invitation. Over 46 countries are represented. This is a two day “pre-programme”, then the actual symposium with today’s leaders starts. Today was the 2nd day. Here is a recap of my two days here so far. Day 1 – I landed in Zurich at 8:30 am. That would be about 1:30 AM Dallas time, so I was extremely jet lagged. After quickly refreshing in one of the airport bathrooms, I decided to buy a pre-paid SIM card for an unlocked phone so I could make and accept emergency calls. There are two big carriers in Zurich – Sunrise and Yellow. If you are wanting to call the U.S. – Yellow offers better deals. For 20 CHF (roughly 20 Swiss Francs equals 20 dollars), I purchased 100 minutes with a Swiss number and texted the number to key parties. It is 25 cents per minute to the US.¬† I made sure…

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