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  • Articles About Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

    The wonderful thing about a blog is that you can compile all your thoughts in one place. The downside is that key articles sometimes get buried after a while. I decided to do a round-up of our most read articles on social media. So, here are the most popular articles I’ve written about using social media as a marketing tool: 10 Reasons NOT to do Social Media Marketing – For all the wonderful reasons there are to do social media marketing, there are also reasons not to partake. This post lists the top 10 reasons to not participate just yet. So, you want to be a Social Media Marketing expert? – Let’s face it, it is a hot industry. While some may scoff at the many newcomers to the field, I wanted to point out that for those genuinely interested, there are resources out there. 3 Reasons you shouldn’t use Social Media Marketing – Partaking in social media marketing without a strategy or plan in place can cause more harm than good. 10 Steps to creating a Social Media Policy for your Company – If your company is partaking in social media marketing, you should have a policy that provides…

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  • What Parents Must Know about Kids and Social Media

    I usually speak on social media as it relates to marketing, but I often run into parents who ask me how they should handle social media as it relates to their kids. So, I wanted to share a few tips. Now, I am not a parenting expert. I don’t have kids yet (unless you count Snoopy the dog). But, I do know a fair amount about social media. And, high school isn’t (yet) a distant memory. Here is what I think parents MUST know about social media. 1) Admission Counselors are Looking. Heck – camp counselors are looking! I know employers are looking – I speak to them on a regular basis. You have to explain to your kids that their status updates are not for their friends’ eyes only. You have to teach them that a diary is personal. The internet is not. Kids these days (for the most part) are smart. They know perception matters. They just don’t know WHO is accessing their profile. And, don’t let them comfort you with a “it’s private mom!” Privacy settings on social networking sites are notorious for glitches. And, remember the six degrees to Kevin Bacon joke? It still applies. More…

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  • Google Buzz? That Stings!

    After tons of emails asking me about my thoughts on Google Buzz, I thought I’d share them here. Google Buzz is a VERY bad idea. Why? 1) Google should stick to what they do best – SEARCH. They could have focused on making their search better (especially with Bing at the heels). They could have indexed Facebook and Twitter so well that people used Google to find their friends to connect with on Facebook. But it didn’t. It focused on social networking. 2) Facebook should NOT allow Google access to its content. David Coursey made some excellent points about this in his PC World article. 3) Google could be in serious trouble for breaking privacy policies. People use gmail! Lets use that information to create a social networking site. Bad move. A lot of people didn’t appreciate an “instant” social network using email contacts. Email contact base does NOT equal social media base. My prediction – Google Buzz will cause a lot of buzz (pardon the pun), but then fizzle. Could I be wrong? Of course. In which case, I’ll be happy to show you how to use Google Buzz. For now, Facebook has my vote when it comes to…

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  • Book Launch Bash in Austin: The Zen of Social Media Marketing

    Book Launch Bash: The Zen of Social Media Marketing What: A book launch party for The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Kabani. Featuring food, fun, and networking! (An unoffcial SXSW event!) Who: Press, bloggers, & the coolest SXSW attendees. Club scene not for you? Join the best, and most exclusive, party at SXSW. When: March 13th, Saturday, 6 pm – ??? Where: A house in Austin, Texas. Exact location to be disclosed upon RSVP. How: Please RSVP via emailing info at Attendance will be limited – so if you RSVP that you will attend, and something comes up, please let us know so we can allow someone else to join us.

  • How to Navigate the New Facebook Design

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  • Get Shama’s Book Before You Can Buy It

    Social Business Boot Camp is a full day of social media marketing learning including popular social media speaker Shama Kabani, HubSpot’s Rick Burnes, Couch Surfing Ori, and others.

  • Can Entrepreneurship Change the World?

    There are plenty of opinions on where our economy is headed – not just in the US but globally. How do you save the world? Seth proposes being a linchpin (Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?). Umair Haque argues we don’t need to be great, but good. We should focus on socially responsible entrepreneurship. I recently got an invitation to speak at the honorable St. Gellan Symposium in Switzerland. The topic? Entrepreneurs – Agents of Change. Tomorrow, I leave for Indiana to go speak to the bright students at Culver. On what else? Entrepreneurship. What will I tell them? Yes, entrepreneurs have changed the world since the beginning of modern civilization. Perhaps even before that. (I sense a  “even a caveman can do it”  joke.) I will tell them my story about how I became one. And, I will share with them these five key points about Entrepreneurship – 1) Ideas aren’t worth much. EXECUTION IS! Ideas are a dime a dozen. Dreamers are a dime a dozen. The true power lies in execution. No matter how brilliant the idea,  if you cannot implement it – it doesn’t mean much. 2) Invest in Education. Education doesn’t have to be conventional. It does…

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  • 10 Reasons NOT to do Social Media Marketing

    Everybody always talks about why social media marketing is so important. I agree. But, I also think there are reasons against social media marketing. Here are 10 reasons NOT to partake in social media marketing. 1) You don’t have the basics right. Your business model is non-existent. (Call Joe). You don’t have a tested product. You don’t have a goal. Your website hasn’t been updated since 2002. Social media marketing comes last. 2) Your boss isn’t on board. I’ve seen this happen, and it never ends well.  No matter how much you LOVE social media and think it could turn your business around, it doesn’t matter unless your boss is on board. Even if you are able to get some traction, your boss will pull the plug if he or she wasn’t sold on the idea from the beginning. 3) Your employees aren’t on board. I sat through a wonderful lunch the other day where a boss was ready to make things happen with social media. His manager on the other hand was not. The manager was clearly too busy handling operations, and didn’t think he could handle one more of his boss’  ideas. If you think social media is…

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