Published on 30th Nov, 2010 in Marketing

2010 Online Marketing Grader

Let’s face it, 2010 was not the best year economically speaking. People lost jobs, families lost homes, and businesses tanked. But, in the midst of it all, we got creative. New companies blossomed, innovative marketing techniques came into play, and businesses across the board embraced social media as an efficient way to reach out to consumers. Our own web marketing firm grew 400% this year. Clients we worked with saw huge spikes in traffic, sales, and brand awareness. All in all, this was a good year. Now, it’s time to measure your 2010 efforts! How did this year stack up? And what are your goals for 2011? Here are some key metrics you can use. Feel free to print this post and work through it like a worksheet. Revenue – The most important number to measure. Are your sales going up? Number of Customers – If you sell products, this number should steadily be increasing. But, if you sell services, quality clients trump quantity. Number of Qualified Leads – Prospects who were a good fit. They may or may not have purchased anything, but did contact you for more information. Website Visitors – Check your Google Analytics. If you don’t have Google Analytics setup, that’s your first step. Unique Visitors – How many new people discovered your business online? Repeat Visitors – How many kept coming back for more? Bounce Rate – Also known as the stickiness factor. The lower the bounce rate, the better. It means that visitors stuck around! Newsletter Subscribers – Email marketing is harder, but still a great way to market when used correctly. RSS Subscribers – How many people are reading your blog? Facebook Likes – Also known as Facebook fans. Only applies if you have a Facebook fan page. Content Created – Content marketing is the cornerstone of all good marketing. How many pieces of content did your create in 2010? Videos, blog posts, and podcasts all count.

What Are We Measuring?


2011 (Goals)



Number of Clients/Customers


Number of Qualified Leads


Website Visitors


Unique Visitors


Repeat Visitors


Bounce Rate


Newsletter Subscribers


RSS Subscribers


Facebook Likes


Content Created

What are your goals for 2011? Contact us and let us know if we can help with your web marketing in 2011.