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  • Looking for a Savvy Social Media Intern (Paid)

    Click To Client has been growing by leaps and bounds – and we are looking to expand our team with by adding an intern. Why Intern for Us? You get to work with a great team of people Lots of opportunities to learn about social media and online marketing No “hours” required. We are a project based company – as long as you get the work done, you can work at any time. We love to brag about our interns to others We will provide a stellar referral if you do a stellar job Introduction to our network Moolah, Cash, Dinero – we will pay you. You: Must be based in the USA. Dallas – a plus, but not required. Must have a love for social media. An “interest” doesn’t cut it. Must have a “basic understanding” of social media. Experience is great – but not required. We will train you. Must be willing to communicate with us so we can make this a win-win Must have a good attitude. This is a requirement. Must know how to take initiative. 2 things a company might not make public about their internships, but we will: An internship is what you make…

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  • 10 Steps to Creating a Social Media Policy for your Company

    Facebook is closing in at 300 million users. Twitter is the fastest growing social site with 55 million. And LinkedIn is already the favorite child of over 65 million professional business users. How many of your employees, customers, and vendors are on these websites? And, what are they saying about you, your company, and your practices? Better yet – how are you responding? Having a social media policy in place does not mean that you get to dictate your image. But, you do get to interact responsibly in the conversation that dictates your image. And, you get to help your employees do the same. The world is changing fast, and how we communicate is changing even faster. It isn’t just Gen Y that blogs and twitters – it is a growing phenomenon embraced by all generations. There are great benefits to today’s technology and its widespread use, but there are also some risks as dictated by Raj Malik of Network Solutions ( Unauthorized or inappropriate commentary or posts online can: • Get the Company, and you, in legal trouble with the U.S. and other government agencies, other companies, customers or the general public. • Diminish the Company’s brand name by…

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  • Help! Stop the Pirates!

    UPDATE: Social media indeed works. The person responsible came forward when they found this post. They have paid for the books, and apologized for their oversight. I don’t wish to mention their name or mar their reputation. I thank everyone who helped get this message out. You guys are terrific! Hey Guys, I need your help. Most of you know about my book – The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Currently available at in eBook form. Many of you also know that I confirmed a deal with a traditional publisher for a print book (probably due out next Spring). I will be pulling the eBook shortly. I recently found out that my eBook was given away at a workshop without my permission. This is the email I got from a participant (name withheld)- Hi Shama- Someone gave me a copy of Zen of Social Media. I’m assuming she had permission because it was included in a package of information at a workshop. Can I send the file to someone else? I know someone who would like to read it. Thanks. XXXX This person did not feel comfortable sharing which workshop this happened at. However, I think that using the…

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