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  • Creating the Best Facebook Page

    Facebook is, without a doubt, one the most popular social media services available. Largely created as a networking site, Facebook is used by individuals, businesses, and groups of all kinds to connect with people. Facebook pages have become more and more popular with businesses to build a presence – both online and one that spills over into the “brick and mortar” world, as well.

  • Reputation Management: The Other Side of Social Media Marketing

    The “Other Side” of Social Media Marketing So, you’ve Twittered about 20 times today, updated your Facebook page twice, LinkedIn on 10 groups and generally increased your marketing circle four fold. Excellent. You’ve got the communicating side down to a science. Now what about the reciprocal side? How are you at receiving information from all these shiny new contacts? If your marketing plan is rock solid, chances are pretty good that at least some of the chatter going on in the ether (-net, that is) is about you and your brand. What are you using to monitor this invaluable feedback? Here is a list of some of the top applications you can use to keep track of who’s saying what – and if it’s about you: 1. News Alerts and Feeds Though all major online news outlets have monitoring applications, Google is by far the leader in targeted keyword monitoring. With your choice of Google News or Google Alerts, you can easily pick keywords that are important to you and your brand and receive either streaming or batch email reports depending on how timely you want your results. 2. Blog Monitoring Applications While the news outlets are one of the…

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