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  • 10 Things to Do Immediately After a Networking Event

    The true color of networking is often revealed after the event itself. The emails that get traded, the connections we make, and the relationships that continue to grow. Here are 10 things to do immediately after attending a networking function (conferences, seminars, business clubs). 1) Send email. Don’t wait for the next day or the next week. Chances are you won’t get around to it-and even if you do-they may not recall. Send an email to everyone you took a card from. Even if you don’t see an immediate connection, just say thanks. 2) Connect on Facebook. My favorite strategy. I look the people up on Facebook using their business cards and add them to my network. Now, I know their birthdays, their occupation, and their day to day status (literally!). Best Rolodex in the world. 3) Put one thing into action. Too many people walk away from networking events feeling good, but doing nothing. Take one decisive action from what you learned. 4) Introduce two people to each other. One of my colleagues, Jim Penny, is a master at this. He finds one person at each event and introduces them to someone else he thinks they should know. Now,…

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  • Myth or Fact- Search Engine Marketing

    1) Traffic is Everything. MYTH. Qualified traffic is what matters. 2) SEO is expensive and not a small business marketing strategy. MYTH Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actually helps level the playing field and is an excellent small business marketing strategy. 3) SEO takes time. FACT Absolutely. It takes 6 months to a year to see solid search engine optimization results. This is highly dependent on the keywords. 4) All Keywords are the Same. MYTH Not at all. Some keywords are much easier to rank for than others. 5) You have to be careful when choosing a SEO professional or company. FACT No doubt about it. There are so many hucksters out there. You should do your research before choosing a SEO professional or SEO Company. If they GUARANTEE you placements-run. No one can guarantee rankings, because at the end of the day-Google is boss.

  • What Would You Do? A Case of Rude Behavior Online-

    I traded emails with a very interesting rude company today, and I am honestly perplexed at how to respond! I am hoping to lean on you guys for some sage advice. I got an email from…let’s just call him Andy from marketing company x. They wanted a free copy of my book to review. Now, they aren’t journalists. They do have a company blog which seems fairly new. Here is the discourse (names concealed for privacy sake)- They said: Hello Shama, I would like to review your book The Zen of Social Media Marketing for Could you possibly send me a review copy when you get a chance? Cordial Regards, Andy I said: Hi Andy, Thanks so much for the offer to review it! At this point, all bloggers are purchasing their own copies. If you like it, you are MOST welcome to review it. Cheers, Shama SIDE NOTE: At this point, I had already chosen multiple bloggers to send review copies too, and the book has sold thousands of copies in two weeks. All in all-I’m pretty satisfied! Any more reviews that were going out were from bloggers who purchased the book and enjoyed it enough to share…

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  • Facebook Update 2009: The Fan Page

    By: Shelby Jacobs- The updated Facebook has sent quite a few people to create the let’s be serious, much expected “Bring back the old Facebook groups.” Is there cause for this upset? From the angle of FB users with brand Fan Pages, the response may be split. The first update I noticed: the tabs from personal profiles have been added to Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook says, “the tabs help keep Pages organized.” The problem I see with this is that they have taken away part of what makes a company’s Fan Page visually appealing and seem to have lost more organizational structure than gained. I remember the Adidas Fan Page had caught my attention mid-last year because it presented the Adidas brand really well. Today I went back to see how this Page was affected by the updates and unfortunately found it looking quite disorganized. The wall-space is cluttered with a mixture of videos, wall comments, photo albums, links, and other posted items. It is as if Facebook has taken the identity Adidas had created for itself and replaced it with a new mess of a Facebook identity. On a positive note, the tabs offer Fan Page administrators more control…

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  • The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An eBook for the Lost!

    I am blown away, ecstatic, and humbled. Mostly humbled. I am humbled by the phenomenal response to my latest book on social media marketing. When I wrote it, I put my heart and soul into it. I didn’t leave anything out. Everything I could think of, everything I knew to be true about social media, I poured into it. And the emails have been pouring in. I almost feel like pulling a Sally Fields! (You guys like it! You REALLY like it!) = ) I wanted to write this to say thank you. It means the world to me that this book has helped SO MANY of you understand (and even like!) social media. But it means even more to me that you guys let me know how much it has helped you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Why I Quit Auto-Following on Twitter: Reflections of a Social Media Addict

    I am a huge fan of scalable automation. When you average 40 new twitter follows and 20 Fb friend requests a day, it helps to streamline the process. Not of building the relationship-but the initial connection. A few months ago, I even said Auto Responders were a Do. So, why am I now stopping automated following on Twitter? 1. Spammers on the rise. This was a given. I automated the initial follow for 2 main reasons: so I wouldn’t miss out on anyone by accident, and I could streamline the process. Now, I am annoyed that there are so many spammers who get auto-followed by my good intentions. 2. Twitter can’t differentiate between automation and spamming. There has been a spamming practice on the rise, where bots (and sadly some people) will follow you, you follow back, and then they unfollow you. This skews their numbers (making them look like a non-spammer). Twitter is cracking down on folks who follow lots of people, and it can’t differentiate by intention. 3. All the cool kids are doing it. Well, that’s not a real reason, but a lot of my reasons are the same as Maria’s for stopping the auto follow process….

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  • All Things Blogging.

    What’s a Blog-site? Is WordPress the best way to go? What do you HAVE to have before you launch your blog? Suzanne Falter Barns, colleague and the Get Known Now coach, interviewed me for an hour about all things blogging. You can listen to the recording here. All Things Blogging Recording

  • The New and Improved Facebook

    By: Erin Connolly In an attempt to make Facebook more business friendly and broaden demographics, the website has been taking notes from fellow social networking site, Twitter. It has given itself a makeover with emphasis on the new “What’s on your mind?” feature. What used to be the space for a person’s “status” during the day, has become an area that one can put pretty much post whatever they’d like, and display whatever is “on their mind” at the time. This feature is very similar to Twitter’s entire concept, which is to post in 140 words or less “What are you doing?” In fact, Facebook’s wording allows for even broader responses. Basically, it is a giant step toward expanding the purpose of Facebook entirely. The original Facebook wasn’t so much about getting a response from your friend the second you posted something on their wall, or knowing exactly what he or she is doing every minute of the day. It was more about checking up on what they’ve been doing lately, and staying aware of any significant life changes like an engagement. Now, however, it is rapidly moving towards the idea of being constantly connected with people in your life,…

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  • SXSW 2009 In Bullet Points-

    I just got back from SXSW 2009 earlier than planned. It was nice, but last year was better. Taking 3 days plus the weekend off is just too much for my time schedule right now. Here is a recap in bullet points (fresh from my memory!) – 30% more attendance than last year. The blogger lounge was packed. No place to sit. Lots more folks this year looking and networking for jobs. Fewer startups. The “shwag” (free stuff at conferences that they give out) was seriously lacking. You could sense that economy had altered the mood from last year. More somber. How was the trade show? (A frequently asked question). In one word: Slow. Not as many startups, not as much energy as last year. How were the panels? I only attended 3. Most people quickly realize that sessions isn’t where the real fun is (hint: it’s the lobby!). The first panel was on “Awesome Webisodes.” They talked about how hollywood and independent film makers are now leveraging the internet to build buzz. The second panel was Charlene Li’s “The Future of Social Networks.” You can see the whole presentation here. Main takeaway: You won’t have to keep adding friends…

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