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  • How to Leverage the Power of Drupal for Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

    Drupal Background Drupal is an open source content management system that was developed by Dries Buytaert in 2001. The original Drupal system was a simple message board, but was turned into a CMS (content management system) shortly afterwards. Drupal works by having a core version (known as Drupal Core), which by itself is very powerful. What makes really makes Drupal shine, however, are the 3rd party add-ons (modules), which are contributed free-of-charge by Drupal’s extensive programming community. These modules allow you to do anything from adding a shopping cart to integrating 3rd party applications like Twitter and Facebook. Who Uses Drupal? Lots of companies and organizations use Drupal. I could sit here and give you examples like Amnesty International, Fast Company or even Pearl Jam, but really, when you get down to it the question becomes – why not use Drupal? The problem with most content management systems is that they were built for a specific purpose – i.e. – creating a blog with WordPress. What’s great about the Drupal platform is that you get as close to working with a clean slate as you’ll probably ever get from a CMS. With Drupal, your options are virtually limitless – from…

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  • 27 Reasons to Buy Kindle 2

    *Gulp* I admit it. I am an early adopter but I didn’t buy Kindle 1. I waited for Kindle 2. It comes out on February 24th, and here are 50 reasons to buy kindle 2. Allows me to go even more paperless. Makes it easy to tote 1000’s of books. It READS to you. Especially handy when driving. Less eye strain from reading on my laptop. Kindle readers swear they experience no eye strain from the screen. 16 shades of gray. Makes reading much more pleasurable. Less visually monotonous. Travel made easier. No more bulky books! Instant book download. Explore more genres. I have often heard Kindle 1 users say that they discovered more genres by using Kindle. Wikipedia. I love my Wikis. It pays for itself once you consume more than 36 books. Kindle books are relatively cheaper than real books. I can read even more than I do now. It’s good looking! Very sleek. Easy to carry. I carry a 6 pound laptop. I am fairly petite. Kindle 2 ways less than a paper back. Sold! Supports Mp3’s and PDFs. Charges via USB. The less wires I have to carry-the better. Reads well under sunlight-like a real book!…

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  • Shama.Tv Launches Officially!

    For a while you have been hearing whispers of something new brewing. And, after hearing me talk about the power of video constantly, many of you have already guessed it. A brand new web tv show! I am excited to announce http://Shama.Tv – A Web TV Show at the Intersection of New Media Marketing and Life. I look foward to your thoughts. Thank you so much for your support-always!

  • News Flash: It isn’t 1999, so quit acting like it.

    In 1999, if you had a website-that was pretty cool. People actually “surfed” the internet. Yahoo was boss, and you only had a handful of websites to browse. No one in particular owned a niche and you could build up your subscriber base to 10,000 within a few month. Ah, the good ole days. Fast forward to 2009 and we have more websites, tools, and technologies than we know what to do with. Correction-your prospects have more websites, tools, and technologies to deal with than they have time for. Your newsletter is just another email in their overcrowded inbox. Your blog is just more information crammed into a different format. You are just another shade of gray. Let’s face it. It is up to you to differentiate yourself. Not by being wild and brazen (though that works if that is who you are), but by strategically and authentically (yes, you can be both) building your brand on the internet. It’s a carnival folks. You have to stand out. Online branding is no longer optional. It is internet marketing 101.