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  • Screen Toaster: Free Online Screen Recorder

    Click the play button in the middle to watch my screen cast of this cool new web service! Screencasts and videos online

  • Dear Shama: How Do I Build a List?

    Dear Shama, I would love to get going in email marketing, but I don’t have a list. I don’t think buying is a good idea. How do I build up a list? – R.L., Accountant Hi R.L., Congratulations on making the smart decision to move towards email marketing. This is a great way to provide value and build a community. The sad thing is that since email marketing has been abused by spammers, many people are shy of giving away their email address. That being the case, you need to first create a plan for the type of content you intend to provide the audience. Setting up a landing page is second. On this page, convey your plan and your privacy policy. This is the ground work for building up your list. Once your page is set, there are a few things you can do to start building up your list of subscribers. 1. The Free Giveaway. This is the most common list building technique. Give away something of value in exchange for someone’s email address. Make sure that this giveaway is 1) relevant to your expertise 2) not a piece of fluff material. Really spend some time thinking about…

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  • Video on Twitter – The Next Frontier

    If you have been following this blog or my work closely, you know that I love Twitter and believe that video is the next frontier online. I stumbled across a great new tool today that allows you to mesh Twitter with video. Check out my twitter bubble head as an example. The tool is called Bubble Tweet and it allows you to create a pop up bubble video message for your followers. I love it! The only downside I see to this is that it doesn’t automatically pop up when you visit someone’s Twitter page. I am guessing this is a Twitter issue. Instead, Bubble Tweet gives you an alternative url to direct your followers to. Not bad for a free application. What are your thoughts?

  • How to Change Your Twitter Username

    Image via CrunchBase As I work on changing my last name (from Hyder to Kabani), I have to give serious thought to my personal online brand. Most people know me as Shama Hyder, and I struggled with the decision to change it. Then, it occured to me that there aren’t many Shama(s) out there, so I could just brand my first name. I promptely went out and bought Shama.Tv and proceeded to see if was available. It wasn’t. But, it hadn’t been used for over a year. I remember Biz Stone (co founder of Twitter) saying that if an account hadn’t been used for 9 months, I could email Twitter support and ask them to make the switch. This was last October. I submitted ticket after support ticket to Twitter support-but to no avail. Then, finally, @admore on Twitter pointed me to this great article on how to snap up a twitter name. So, I followed the SAME process and now, I am officially on Twitter as @Shama. Here is what I did: 1. Emailed and provided them with: the username I wanted my current username answered whether I wanted to KEEP my current account and add this…

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  • Why Social Media will NEVER Work for You

    Image via Wikipedia Because social media doesn’t “work.” You work IT. Or, you don’t. It’s a choice. Every time I speak, inevitably someone will assert: “I have been on Facebook and Tweeter (Twitter) for a while but it hasn’t gotten me any business.” And I have to think, “it” hasn’t gotten you business. What does “it” have to do with anything? “It” serves 150 million people (the number of users Facebook reached today), and you expect it to focus on you? Frankly I am a little tired of people expecting social media to work. It doesn’t. You DO! You have the ability to connect with 150 million people on Facebook ALONE. What do you do with this ability? Think of Facebook and Twitter and Linked-In as coffee shops. Just coffee shops teeming with people and no limitation on physical space. Oh ya, you have to bring your own coffee. No big deal. Everyday people come to this coffee shop to do their thing (write notes, relax, connect with others). They DON’T come there to listen to sales pitches, but they ARE opening to learning new things and making new friends. If you came to this coffee shop everyday and left…

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  • How to Hire Star Talent Using Social Media Sites

    Image by luc legay via Flickr As a growing company, we always have human resource needs that come up. In the past few months itself I have searched online for: blog writers, PR professionals, a printing press, an ebook layout artist, a copywriter and an intern. What might surprise you is that I didn’t use elance or craigslist. I used Facebook and Twitter! What are the steps to hiring star talent using Facebook an Twitter? 1. Finalize the Job Description – If you want to catch the right fish, you have to use the right bait. Okay, okay, I have never been fishing-but you get the idea! Don’t look for someone to “kinda sorta” do something. Have a solid description of what you need. 2. Formulate your Ad under 140 Characters – “Need a part time graphic designer, 2 yrs. experience a must. for more information.” Or “Now hiring an intern. Smart, go-getter, can work from home!” Provide a link to a webpage for more information if needed. Encourage others to repost your ad, and be sure to thank them when they do. Be patient as it can take a few hours to a few days to circulate around…

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  • Which Social Media Network Are You? A Quiz.

    Image via Wikipedia 1. You started developing your REAL personality in.. a. Highschool. Didn’t everyone? b. College was when it all started to come together… c. Not until I started working. That’s when I got to know my real self. d. It’s a journey! It’s a journey! 2. Your life is … a. An open book. b. All about the relationships! c. Work. d. Box of chocolates, or wait…is it a bouquet of flowers? 3. Your favorite subject in school was … a. Art and Music. b. English c. Math and Science d. Cafeteria. Lunch time! Also whatever I was in the mood for that year. 4. Your room is best described as… a. A canvas that reflects my soul. b. Covered with pictures, momentos, and notes. c. Minimalistic. d. Depends on what day it is. Monday-super clean, Tuesday- craft day, Wednesday- lost socks… 5. Your ideal night out is… a. Listening to the hottest live band in town. b. A dinner and movie with close friends. c. Dinner at home, followed by a book. d. A party with my 1000 closest friends. Mostly A’s: MySpace: You bloomed early. You aren’t shy, like live music, and need outlets for your…

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