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  • Thanksgiving Recipe for Social Media Marketing Success

    By: Shama Hyder While I gather the items to cook a thanksgiving feast tomorrow, I started thinking about how all great dishes require a great recipe. Not unlike marketing. : ) Here is a recipe for Social Media Marketing Success- 1 cup authenticity (no substitutes allowed) 1 liter of transparency (buy the professional brand if you can) 1 pound of open communication (the main ingredient!) 2 cups of solid value adding content (your choice of brand) 1 jar of fresh blog posts (you can setup buy your blog at the local Word Press market). 2 Tablespoons of Courage 3 Tablespoons of Facebook 2 Tabelespoons of Twitter 1 Tablespoon of Linked-In A pinch of good luck Bake 360 days a year for a solid community. Sprinkle with gratitude. Enjoy! ; )

  • 101 Ways to Rock and Be Rocked by Twitter

    By: Shama Hyder Use your real name. Save the company bit for the info section. Use a picture that shows your face. Skip the silly goggles, hats, and political stickers. Show me who you are! Create a twitter background that gives people a quick synopsis of who you are. Learn how to create your own here. Share a link to your own blog posts. Find a cool new tool? Share it. My latest find- The Jing Project. Show gratitude. Ask for help. (Anyone know why puppies love peanuts?) Start a discussion! Re-tweet important tweets. Re-tweeting is when you repeat what someone has already twittered. Best example of re-tweeting I saw was when a Portland twitter buddy’s daughter went missing! The twitter board lit up with re-tweets. She was found. Share a pic. Post updates during conference time! Report earthquakes and other natural disasters. Seriously-Twitter is faster than the Associated Press. Help a Reporter Out. Just follow @SkyDiver for relevant tweets. Brag about your clients. When they deserve it of course! One of our clients, K9Cuisine, personally delivered 24k pounds of food to the Houston SPCA after Hurricane Ike hit. Remarkable. Video here. Build relationships with people you only run…

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